In a world where gadgets are smarter than human beings, a smartwatch is a great invention. Smartwatches are high on functionality, but let’s admit it, they are far from fashionable. This was before GUESS came up with their latest collection of smartwatches called GUESS Connect.  After we discovered this beauty with brains we are convinced this is the IT watch everyone needs in their life.  In fact not only does it help you take care of all your tasks with just one click on your watch, it also looks exquisite.
guess connect
Just one look at the new Guess Connect smartwatch and you’ll know why it’s described as the IT watch. It’s so versatile that you can literally wear it from work to party and not be worried about how it’ll look.More than a watch it’s an accessory that has immense functionality. Did you know that this watch allows you to give voice commands such as answering calls, sending texts and asking for directions? And if you are on the lookout for that one accessory that will instantly turn your outfit into an expensive one, the Guess Connect smartwatch is your answer. Take selfies with the remote shutter on the Guess Connect Smartwatch or trace your phone with its wireless leash that will alert you. It’s all possible with this smartwatch. With its sleek design, smart colour combinations and simple yet sophisticated dial, it matches every attire be it a traditional sari or a sexy dress. Wear it with confidence and take every challenge in your stride with this smart gadget that will never let you miss any messages. It’s the one thing you’ll need to be on top of your game, be it work or fashion. So here’s a little help to style that smartwatch and make a statement. 1. Wear it with a silver charm bracelet that will bring all the attention to your wrist for all the right reasons. This would look great on dainty dresses. 2. Coloured dials or dials with prints are in and Guess does them perfectly. Pick a neutral colour watch to play it safe or go bold with an offbeat colour like sky blue and silver. This would look great with traditional attire too. 3. Go sans jewellery in a pant suit and sport this smartwatch to bring all the attention to that one accessory that will make your outfit look expensive and stylish too. 4. Add a lot of bracelets and bangles around the watch and wear it like a cuff to give it a chunky yet chic look that can be sported with a summer dress or a flowing maxi in pastel hues. Image courtesy: