Here’s what many watch companies get wrong – technological developments aside, we will still shop for a timepiece that best suits our needs and personality. Yes, we want our watches to tell us the time, but accessories, especially a statement watch can be the best extension of your identity. One look at a person’s wrist and you can tell whether they are a minimalist or favour attention-grabbing designs. If there’s one brand which gets this right, and designs watches that stand the test of time, it is Fossil. Season after season, the brand rolls out designs that have a distinct identity of their own and which completely complements that of yours. From bang-on trend chunky chronographs to vintage designs, they always have something in store. It helps that they have an exhaustive range you can choose from—all available online on Tata CLiQ. No matter which stage you are on in your life, there’s always that one watch that will speak to you. Whether you just received your first paycheck and want to treat yourself to a good watch or it’s time for you to upgrade your current timepiece, Fossil somehow gets it right. Yes, the idea of spending long hours of deliberation can be scary. But Fossil’s comprehensive range is available online so forget your worries. Spend your lunch hour browsing through the entire catalogue here, from the comfort of your desk. Furthermore, your favourite pick will be shipped straight from one of the 12 stores closest across the country under Tata CLiQ's Phygital service. If you are based in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi or Hyderabad, chances are your order will be delivered to you within 24 hours! If you find yourself spoilt for options and need some help with making this tough decision, we’re here to make your life easy. Here are a few options you can choose from based on which personality you identify with.

The Zen Master: Fossil Minimalist Analog

Value style over trends and zen living over materialism? Then you will see why the Fossil Minimalist Analog watch holds its charm. It is the right amalgamation of sophistication and minimalism – the ultra-slim circular dial sits flat and comfortably on your wrist, while the classic tan strap goes just as well with jeans as it does with chinos. Also read:Ali Bharmal Recommends DSLR Cameras for Every Type of Photograph

The World Traveller: Fossil Commuter Analog

Always on the go? The Commuter watch it the perfect match for you, then. It’s sleek, non-fussy looks are as practical as it gets. With a design that is reminiscent of vintage timepieces, and with its signature wire lug case and concave dial, it is appropriate for daily wear. Plus, blue watches are having a moment and this timeless piece is relevant.

The Trend Setter: Fossil Idealist Analog

There are fashion devotees and then there are iconoclasts who believe in setting their own trends. If you identify with the latter, then get yourself the Fossil Idealist. It’s unique dial shape and soft sable hue make for a feminine yet distinct overall aesthetic. Wearing this watch is a quiet declaration to the world of how you have a strong eye for good design. Also read:Indian Travel Photographers You Should Already Be Following on Instagram

The Taskmaster: Fossil Neely Analog

Type A multi-taskers know the importance of clean, fuss-free design and functionality. The Neely Analog watch embodies this personality trait. It’s number-free classic circular dial and ultra-slim case makes it a go-to for daily wear. This version, with a white dial and black leather straps, means business just as you do.

The Aesthetic Minded: Fossil Atwater Analog

Every design-obsessed person knows that the first rule of good design is ‘form follows function’, and the Atwater watch sticks true to it. Watch trends may come and go but a sleek rectangular dial is timeless. With its stainless-steel link strap and distinct indices, this minimalist model has all the makings of an icon.