Before the dawn of home appliances, cleaning of clothes or utensils had to be done manually. We didn’t have an option. Even after appliances like washing machines were introduced, high costs and lack of versatility kept users away from buying one. But it's 2019 and things have changed drastically. Washing machines have gotten smarter to a level where they can now automatically adjust water intake and soap levels according to the load and dishwashers are now capable enough to remove the toughest of stains without human intervention - all at prices far more approachable than they've ever been.

So why are we still spending our effort and time when we can let efficient machines do the work for us? Let’s take a look at some appliances from IFB that are trustworthy enough to replace two human hands at cleaning clothes and utensils.

IFB NEPTUNE SX1 Dish Washer (Silver)

The SX1 Dish Washer is an efficient dish-washer and is among the best available in the market. Suitable for a family of up to 6 people, the dishwasher features a 15-place setting and 8 different wash programs to get the ideal wash. It has a height-adjustable upper basket so you can accommodate larger utensils too. Its water-softening feature helps dissolve detergent better for an even better wash.

IFB Neptune FX Dish Washer (White)

If you’re looking for a dishwasher with similar features as the one mentioned above but don’t want to spend as much, the Neptune FX is the one you’re looking for. It has a 12-place setting and 5 different wash programs to choose from. If you ever need to clean a lesser amount of utensils than its full capacity, it's flexible half-load program uses less water, detergent and energy to give the same results.

IFB MaxiDry/Turbo Dry 550 5.5 Kg Dryer White

India being a tropical country, some parts of it are known to be very humid. And the heavy monsoons that India experiences further dampens the climate. Hence, investing in a dryer only makes sense. This dryer from IFB removes lint, hair and allergens, keeping your clothes fresh and clean. Its anti-crease functionality is also a boon and saves an iron job.

IFB Senator Aqua SX 8 Kg Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine (Silver)

The Senator Aqua matches the weight to its name in functionality. With a generous capacity of 8 kg capacity, the fully automatic washing machine has many tricks up the sleeves that make it a really dependable washer. Its Air Bubble Wash technology uses millions of bubbles to remove stubborn dirt from your clothes and give the ultimate wash. You can schedule washing cycles up to 24 hours in advance and also add clothes after the washing cycle has already started. It can handle everything from tough stains to delicate Kanjeevaram sarees, all at the touch of a button.

IFB 6.5 kg TL-SDR/TL-SSDR Aqua Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

This top-load washing machine is a value-for-money option that doesn’t sacrifice on functionality. Its 3D wash technology soaks cloth thoroughly to deliver an excellent wash. It also boasts of an inbuilt smart weight sensor that automatically weighs the load and adjusts settings accordingly to save both water and budget. A washing machine that is both efficient and good what it's supposed to do? Sounds like a good deal to us!

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