At the risk of sounding vain and perhaps even sexist, I would insist, if there’s anything that comes close to finding the right life partner, it is finding the right washing machine. After all, a spouse may refuse to clean your dirty overalls, a machine certainly won’t. However, picking the right washing machine can be tricky for a number of reasons. That being said, we’re here to help you cut the chase and cherry pick what’s best for you. Without further ado, allow us to break this task down for you, step by step.

Function Type – Semi-Automatic v/s Fully-Automatic

Now, before we begin, it serves well to understand that buying any appliance is totally dependent on your usage of it; and washing machines are no different. Depending on your lifestyle and schedule, you could begin your journey with picking between a fully automatic and a semi-automatic machine. In most cases, a semi-automatic one has two tubs—one for washing and another for drying. One would have to manually switch between the two. While a semi-automatic one is easy to use for a novice, it can be a tiring process. A fully automatic machine, as the name suggests, is one that completes the task of washing, drying and rinsing without human intervention. It would even turn off on its own. A fully automatic machine is either top load or front load. Which brings us to our next essential choice. washing machine

Load Type – Top Load v/s Front Load

Top-loading machines feature vertical tubs, whereas front-loading machines have horizontal tubs. Truth be told, front-loading machines aren’t regularly seen in Indian households. While they do help in conserving water, Indian households seem much more comfortable using a top-loading machine. Compared to a top-loading machine, which is relatively cheaper and easier to use, front-loading machines boast of better wash quality and have more features, including an option to heat the water being used to wash clothes; however, they have a longer wash cycle, i.e they take longer to complete the washing process. Top-loading machines, on the other hand, are easier to handle and maintain, lighter in weight, more ergonomic and can be loaded with more clothes even after the wash cycle has begun.


Washing machines are determined and categorised by weight; by this, we don’t mean the weight of the machine itself, but the weight of the clothes it can wash. Since washing machines are generally long-term investments, one must keep the present size and possible additions to the family in mind before investing in one. If you have a large family and you don’t wash clothes too often in a week, it is advisable to invest in a machine with greater capacity. However, if your family is relatively small, or you wash clothes often or if space is a concern for you, we would suggest investing in a machine with lesser capacity. Also, one must bear in mind that the washing machine must never be loaded beyond its capacity.

Other Features

While the basic distinctions between washing machines of various brands pretty much remain the same, there are a few additional features that tend to enhance the user experience.

Fuzzy logic

This feature indicates that the machine intuitively chooses the best washing condition for your garments depending on the weight of the laundry. It weighs the laundry and determines the time it will take and the amount of water and detergent required.

Delay start

This feature allows you to set the time and delay the process of washing by up to 23 hours. So you can set your laundry to a time that suits your schedule perfectly.

Child lock

If you have kids who are ruled by their curiosity and are often found fidgeting with gadgets and buttons, this is the feature you most certainly need. This feature locks the machine’s panel so that children don’t meddle with the wash cycles. washing machine


No matter what the variety on offer is like, it is eventually your budget that determines any purchase. It is essential to make sure whichever model you pick fits well within your budget. It is usually the function type and the load type that determines the price of a machine, followed by the additional features listed here. A fully automatic, front load machine will definitely make for a pricier option. A machine that is time saving as well as one within one’s budget would essentially be a fully automatic, top-loading machine.


It is essential to find a machine that is not only within your budget but also fits the your schedule, when it comes to functionality, and the size of your family. It is important you invest in a machine that has a washer and dryer combined, as it would use minimal effort. It is also advised to check for the energy saving stars on the appliance; a machine with additional features like a display screen, child lock, fuzzy logic, etc will always serve as a helping hand your busy self! Find more Washing Machines here. Cover Image Courtesy:; Images courtesy:

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