What happens when you put a camera-shy photographer who is also a closeted stand-up comedian & a musician and the writer of this article, in one house? A story waiting to be told, of course. One morning, we set out with two bags full of clothes from our wardrobe, his and mine, to do a little experiment and document it. The experiment is called wardrobe swap and Sid Vashi agreed to be a part of this mayhem, only to regret it later, methinks. We picked out clothes from each other’s wardrobe—he wore mine and I wore his. Picking out clothes for Sid to wear wasn’t that hard considering he’s my size, maybe tad leaner than me (now where did I leave my gym membership card?) and also because I do have many clothes that I have picked out from the men’s section. Well, that’s a story for another day. So I picked out some boyfriend denims, a floral jersey, a baggy jumper, a pair of joggers and a hounds-tooth knit poncho. I had a feeling Sid would cringe at the thought of wearing the floral jersey and the poncho, which he rightly did, initially, but pulled it off like Michael Jackson pulls off the moonwalk. Sid in turn, picked out his favourite jumper, a pair of joggers, a full sleeved polo neck and a formal shirt for me from his wardrobe, all the while saying that women in men’s clothes look cute but men in women’s clothes look like weirdos who carry unmentionable fantasies. The shoot was a laughter riot, as you might have guessed.