Winter comes with its share of fashion trends and the one that always stays classic, is layering. While the art of layering is so much more than just throwing over an oversized coat, it’s also super easy to master. With the air just beginning to feel chilly, we walk you through the hero pieces in layering. The ones you can rely on completely to look chic and put together throughout the season.

Knit Tees - Mix textures

Knit tees are winter favorites, super comfortable and warm, making them an absolute must-have in your wardrobe this season. To ace layering, you need to mix and match textures and knit wear provide depth to the simplest of looks. Pair it with a denim jacket and you’ve got your everyday casual look ready.

Leather jackets - Layer flexibly

One of the key points in layering is to keep it extremely flexible. You should be able to shed your layer any time you start feeling warm. Leather jackets over anything from a plaid shirt to a floral dress is statement making yet can be taken off to make your look still feel complete and fashionable.

Printed Scarf - Add a surprise element

While layering, always add something unexpected to your look. And what better than printed scarves that are functional and add extra polish to your outfit. Animal prints, polka dots, florals – stock up on your favourite printed scarves to layer.

Blazers - Harmonize colours

The easiest way of looking chic is sticking to two colours. Use a master colour and then accentuate it with another one, a similar tone or a complimentary one. Have a set of blazers in neutral hues ready to layer it over formals and casuals alike.

Cardigans – Prioritize comfort

A layered look needs to be casual and comfortable above all. And nothing spells cozy like a cardigan. They are easy layering pieces that offer utmost comfort and style. Pair it with relaxed fit high waist denims and fitted crop tees for a cool and carefree look.