So it’s the dreaded D-day, that marketing job interview you have been waiting for. You hurriedly gulp that coffee, skip breakfast because you have a bad case of butterflies and dab on loads of under-eye concealer (blame it on the sleepless night before, damn you anxiety). There’s Eminem’s Lose Yourself playing on loop in your head as you start to put on that carefully-assessed outfit you ironed the shit out of the previous night. Well, stop right there (this is when the fashion police kicks open your room door and marches right in). This person who’s going to interview you has met a dozen candidates and is probably planning what to cook for dinner at night or where he’s going to send his kids to school in his head. Now rethink your outfit choice *yawn* Enter Niyati Bharucha, 25, who is a marketing professional, sportsperson and a model. What better person to show you how to ditch those monotonous hues and silhouettes in 2016 and dress up like a pro to nail that marketing job interview. (Remember how the green scarf changed Rebecca Bloomwood’s life, even after she made a huge boo boo at the interview?) Blazer and printed dress You love your black blazer and think it makes you look totes profesh. Fine, we get it. How about you pair it with a classic printed dress for a change? Throw in a leather bag and some nerdy frames for added drama. Dress, FCUK; blazer, glasses and bag, stylist’s own; shoes and watch, model’s own   printed pants We’re taking cue from The Girl with the Green Scarf and channelling Emerald green with much aplomb. Team it with contrasting printed pants, and some patent leather pumps to complete the look. Longline jacket and trousers, AND; shirt and laptop sleeve, stylist’s own; shoes and rings, model’s own   white shirt dress A white shirt with formal trousers is so yesterday. How about you team an oversized one with some stockings instead? Tone it down with white sneakers and a dash of colour with a printed laptop sleeve. Shirt dress, stockings, glasses, neckpiece and laptop sleeve, stylist’s own; cardigan, AND; shoes, Model’s Own   red blazer printed pants Stand out of the crowd with this deep red blazer. Just make sure to keep the remaining colour palette muted so you don’t end up looking like a Starbucks Christmas cup. Blazer, AND; top, stylist’s own; trousers, FCUK; shoes, model’s own Photographs by Arsh Sayed; Model: Niyati Bharucha; Hair & Make-up: Nashra Aziz

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