I bet most of you forgot about the existence of a math quotient called Pi - until Life of Pi came along, that is. And suddenly there it was, that mysterious number 22/7 or 3.14 – the stuff of your teenage nightmares. Just why you had to multiply certain equations with Pi, you were never sure. You just wanted to put it all behind you after school. We don't blame you for dismissing #PiApproximationDay with a snort and a 'gah!'. It sounds exactly like the kind of thing a bunch of geeks would want to celebrate. But hey, we are party people aren't we? And even a geeky celebration can be given a cool spin-off. Here's a bunch of really wacky things you can do on #PiApproximationDay (it’s today, 22/7) that have nothing to do with math. You're gonna love this! 1. Eat a lot of pies. Yeah, this one's obvious - pi and pie, get it? 2. Even better, hold a pie eating contest and declare 3.14 winners. 3. Do a drinking game while watching Life of Pi. Down a shot each time the name 'Richard Parker' is mentioned. 4. Down a stiffer shot if you wonder why Pi never grows any facial hair in 227 days. 5. Put up Radhe Maa's picture on social media as the new face of Pi Approximation Day - Because she's "pure n pies". You can even do a meme of sorts. 6. Behave totally wacky and unpredictable. And when your friends ask you about it, say you're being 'irrational' like pi. pi joke

Okay, so we lied about there being no math, but do you get it?

7. Do a pie-chart intervention for that one person on the team who seems to be doing pie-charts all the time, regardless of the brief given by the boss. 8. Rummage through your cupboard and read all your old favourite editions of the Tinkle - in memory of the man behind it, Anant Pai or Uncle Pai. 9. Set your phone ringtone/caller tune to that famous classic croon, "When the moon hits your eye like a big Pizza Pie..." 10. Even better, order a pizza pie. All that cheesy goodness will help you forget (again) the pi-induced trauma of your childhood.


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