I won’t be surprised to imagine that the very sight of a large 4K TV mesmerises you. Now, what if I were to tell you that I know about a 55in TV that not only supports 4K but also offers HDR awesomeness. It must be super expensive, in comes your question. So here is the best part, this TV set retails for only 70k. Impossible? I say it is totally possible, thanks to VU. This is the new VU Ultra HD 4K LED TV, and at 55in wide it can make its presence felt in a fairly large room without a fuss. And to make things even better, it offers built-in WiFi, support for a ton of apps and more. One of the best things about newer TV sets is the way they are packaged. It is a simple 5-minute process to get the set out of the box and get going. VU will send its officials to install the TV and they are extremely efficient. However, I couldn’t wait and did it myself. The set offers a slim design with a brushed aluminium rear that adds a bit of class to the overall looks and design. Switch the TV on and VU’s built in OS welcomes you and once you start playing videos, the proprietary ultrasmooth motion feature is enabled by default. I prefer the cinematic shallow depth of field look is preserved intact which is why I switched this mode off instantly. I dug into my Blu-ray collection and fired up some of my favourites, these included Mad Max: Fury Road, Pirates of the Caribbean and Inception to name a few. As you begin watching, you will realise that the set does superbly well with playing back 1080p Full HD content. There is a truck full of detail and images look rich and punchy. The opening sequence of Mad Max: Fury Road is belted out with superb authority and intensity. You can literally feel the dust on your face as the action unfolds. In other scenes, vehicle detail is pretty spectacular and it gets better when you switch to native 4K content. There is visceral impact in scenes involving action and even the skin tone of character close-ups are dealt with aplomb. And it is not just the visuals that impress. This set does pretty well on in the sound department too. The built-in 8+8 watt speakers easily make their presence felt in a fairly well-sized living room and are loud enough to for an enjoyable aural experience when you watch movies, listen to music or play games. This is a smart TV, which means it features a host of built-in apps including YouTube, Facebook, Skype and more. You can even download more apps via the AppStore. The set offers 8 GB of internal memory to store content you download. You can even play content off a USB stick, thanks to the 3 USB ports built-in. Finally, the 3-year warranty should help in the event of something going wrong. To round it up, I am impressed with the feature list and the performance of this curved TV from VU. Even though I am not a big fan of curved TVs, its performance truly impresses and offers perfect bang for the buck. Also Read: Join the LED Club: 5 Things to Know When Buying Your First TV Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com

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