The MTV VMAs (Video Music Awards) wrapped up on Sunday night, and the best videos and artists were honoured with the iconic Moonman trophy. While these guys deserved their gongs, we felt they had some pretty stiff competition this year. Here’s a look at the nominated artistes who gave them a run for their money.  

Video Of The Year

Views: 1.8 Billion It’s fashionable to hate on Justin Bieber, but it would be unfair to not acknowledge that his music has grown by leaps and bounds since he was your 11-year-old sister’s biggest crush. Sorry features a fantastic troupe of dancers who really bring the party into your living room.  

Best Female Video

Views: 500 Million Let’s get the obvious out of the way first – Shaggy’s back! Okay, now that we’re done being nostalgic about the man with the most enjoyable unintelligible lyrics, we can focus on the very fun and unique music video for this song. Featuring two faceless and dual-tone wig-wearing dancers competing in a vintage dance show, the catchy tune is fun to watch. Don’t miss the shocked reaction of the conservative competitor.  

Best Male Video

Views: 907 Million Hate on it all you want, but there’s a reason this music video is sitting at 900 million views. With its distinctive colour palette, futuristic-looking sets, and Drake’s hilarious dance sequences (remember these memes?), the video - and Drake - have gone down in history.  

Best Collaboration

Views: 544 Million This music video was the second fastest ever to reach 500 million views on VEVO. It’s a visual spectacle with a concept you’d expect to see live and not in a music video. The stunning projections on the screen, behind Rihanna in her too-large jumpsuit, can be almost overwhelming at times. Who knew a simple white box could be this captivating?  

Best New Artist

Views: 351 Million Super Swede Zara Larsson almost pipped Graham to the post in this category (Seriously, what is it with Swedes and catchy pop?) but he held on strong with this incredible song. Every line is filled with meaning and you’ll find yourself thinking about life before you’re halfway through the video. Not to mention how great it is to see someone in popular music who doesn’t look like they’ve come off an assembly line of stereotypical popstar looks.  

Best Choreography

Views: 44 Million Before Queen Bey began her long run of domination, Missy Elliott was renowned for the choreography in her music videos. She delivers once again in this amazing video featuring Pharrell as a marionette (yes, really) and international dance phenomenon, Les Twins   

Breakthrough Longform Video

Views: 419 Thousand This is our favourite category because it really pushes the boundaries on what we think music videos ought to be like. The entire album plays as a medley against the backdrop of one long (and we mean long) music video that tells a story of heartbreak and pain. Lead singer, Florence Welsh, has stated that the inspiration for this ground-breaking longform music video comes from “a relationship breakup I was going through." We aren’t going to say anything about the video, because there really are no words to do it justice.


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