Originally scheduled to make an appearance at the now-cancelled MWC 2020, Vivo has finally unveiled their Apex 2020 concept smartphone. This is the third generation of the Apex range of concept designs. These models often showcase technology that is soon to head to commercial smartphones. Case in point - the first Apex was the first phone with the pop-up camera. Even this year, the Apex 2020 has a lot of new things under the hood, literally. Let's have a closer look.

FullView Edgeless Display

The smartphone features a 6.45-inch curved display that wraps around the edges of the device bending at an angle of up to 120° on both sides. The sides feature virtual buttons for controls that also pressure sensitive.

FullView Edgeless Display

In-Display Camera

Killing the notch for all we know, the Apex 2020 has finally showcased the In-Display camera which lets it have a truly uninterrupted display experience. Vivo has achieved this by increasing "the light transmittance of the screen right above the front camera to 6 times of the other part of the screen and effectively reduces optical interference, diffraction and stray flashes through a series of algorithm optimizations to increase the photography quality. "

In-Display Camera

Camera improvements

The rear camera brings a lot to talk about with the Apex 2020. For starters, the phone features continuous optical zoom under high magnifications between 5x-7.5x. In comparison, most smartphones achieve zooming by combining different fixed magnifications. This is the first time there are actually moving components for the zoom feature.

5x-7.5x Continuous Optical Zoom produces images in high resolution

In addition to that, the phone also features a 'Gimbal-Stabilizing Main Camera', which uses a gimbal-like structure in the main camera on the phone to provide greater stability for shots as compared to OIS. This also makes it better for long exposure photography.

The phone also features 60W fast charging which charges the 2000mAh battery in a mere 20 minutes.

Fast charging speed for Apex 2020 from Vivo

It would be interesting to see how many of these features show up in commercially available smartphones, maybe even budget devices, soon. To know more, stay tuned.

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Image Source: Vivo

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