This awesome and quirky video about high heels has weird facts you’d never have thought of. It’s surprising to know about the fun historical background behind shoes most women highly adore. It's a known fact women love their heels. But did you know, a few centuries ago men did too? In the 10th century, they were the first ones to wear them, because men who rode horses needed their boots to have heels in order for them to stay in place in the stirrups while riding. Since then it spread to other areas in Europe and was considered to be a symbol of power, wealth and masculinity. Thanks to Catherine Medici, heels became really popular among women only during the 16th century. However, since the 18th century most men’s shoes have been featured with lower heels as compared to women’s shoes. Heels eventually gained a “sexy” & “feminine” connotation and started to become more popular among women. Watch and learn.