So here's the thing - while I'm grateful to the Internet and fashion editors for keeping me updated with the latest trend on and off the runway, it really doesn't make an iota of a difference to my life unless I learn how to make it my own. What good are clothes hanging in a closet if you don't know what to do with them? Just a mockery of a closet that belongs on the sets of Sex &  The City and requires a stylist's intervention. But hold on to your horses and skip the Pretty Little Liars rerun for a bit--some popular names from the high street are giving us tutorials in stylish living. We suggest you grab a notepad while you skim through these videos.

How-to: Wear spring denim

Newsflash: Practical, everyday fashion should allow you to move around in your clothes. Which is why denim is the ultimate utilitarian fabric. Mom pants, overalls, jumpsuits and denim jackets - these are some of my favourite things. Here, singer KStewart dances her way off while teaching you how to pull off some sick moves while dressed in denim.

How-to: Live in your blue shirt

Male or female, if you are likely to be stranded on a deserted island (or plan on Hitchhiking around the Galaxy) a blue shirt is all you need to carry around with you. Work in it, go out in it, dance around in it, even sleep in it if you must. The blue shirt is the holy grail to your wardrobe, so go ahead and get as many of these as you can.

How-to: #GetGlamorous

If looking glamorous was an art form, I'd flunk it like I flunked my elementary art exam. But hey, won't hurt to try now, would it? We can get  behind this Cinderella fantasy of dressing up in pretty dresses and walking around in slow motion. For this DIY all you need is a very good camera and on fleek slo-mo walking skills. #SlayIt