Researchers from the University of York made an interesting discovery in this very recent study. They wanted to see if one's performance in a video game had any links to one’s intelligence, and it turns out there is. They found out that teens and youth who could perform better at multiplayer strategy video games are generally smarter. However, the researchers stress that this does not have any bearing on whether playing games makes one smarter or otherwise, it simply establishes a correlation between skills at certain video games and intelligence. The study focused on online games that are popular with many players. These included 'Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas' (MOBA) games like League of Legends and DOTA 2 that are action-strategy games and multiplayer ‘First Person Shooter’ (FPS) games like Destiny and Battlefield 3. Also Read: 7 Of 2017’s Best Video Games to Catch Up on Before the Year Ends Based on their observations, they noted that MOBA games are fast-paced and involve a lot of strategy that requires skill, memory and thought, while, FPS games need fast reactions and an accuracy to shoot. They found out that there was a measurable correlation between how one performed at strategy video games and their performance in an intelligence test. There was no correlation between the two for first player shooter games as these games don’t involve much strategy. The findings were compared to the similar results as with the traditional game of chess, where one has to intellectually navigate through the game with set rules. By that logic, scientists are saying that the belief that smarter people are better at chess can be extended to strategic video games too. They believe that they can use online video games for further research that can impact the future of games and the creative industry, and on games as a tool for research on health and psychology. All-in-all, the research does not claim that all smart people are good at video games or video games make people smarter but if you’re particularly good at such multiplayer strategy video games, you can take a moment to feel a little good about yourself. Also Read: The Only Bags You Need To Pair With Your Wedding Outfits Want to see if you’re any good at video games, try out these popular ones from below. You can now bring a smile to the faces of underprivileged children suffering from cancer. Just shop on Tata CLiQ and we will donate a part of the amount to provide life-saving nutrition to these little ones. You can also share the love by writing something special for these kids with #CLiQToCare. @CuddlesFoundation

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