You’ve probably heard this before – what good is life if you don’t have time to smell the roses? In the same vein, what good are Diwali fireworks if you can’t get a good view of them bursting mid-air? More often than not, you might not have access to the terrace of a tall building that would offer you the perfect vantage point to enjoy the show. So, we went looking for the best spot in your city that will give you an unhindered view of the magical sight of the sky being lit up with fireworks. If your city is in this list, head out to the spot we’ve mentioned – you’ll thank us later.

Ulsoor Lake, Bengaluru

01 bengaluru vantage points for fireworks

The city might be an urban jungle, but there are still pockets where nature dominates the landscape. If you’re looking for a clear view of the sky around you, head to Ulsoor Lake, where the beauty of the fireworks illuminating the night sky is amplified by the reflection in the water. It will be crowded, yes, but doesn’t the city always feel that way anyway? At least it will be a sight you don’t want to miss. Like this article? Also read: All the Tips You’ll Need to Take Better Diwali Pictures

Marine Drive, Mumbai

02 mumbai vantage points for fireworks

We know it’s become something of a joke to hear someone from Mumbai go on and on about Marine Drive, but it didn’t become every Mumbaikars favourite spot for nothing. If you brave the traffic during Diwali and make it to Marine Drive, you’ll be rewarded with an uninterrupted, panoramic view with the wide expanse of the ocean on one side and fireworks creating stunning patterns in the sky off all around you.

St. Thomas Mount, Chennai

Anyone who loves watching airplanes already knows about this classic vantage point. In a city which is almost entirely at sea-level, this easy-to-access hillock is the one place stargazers and aviation enthusiasts alike, gather to turn their gaze to the heavens. And during Diwali, the night sky turns into a breath-taking patchwork of exploding lights since this spot is in one of the city’s most populated areas. Just try not to spend all night outside. Like this article? Also read: These Smartphone Cameras Will Let You Capture Diwali Photos in Low Light

Hussain Sagar, Hyderabad

04 hyderabad vantage points for fireworks

Can there be anything as multicultural as watching fireworks explode under the gaze of a larger-than-life Buddha statue? At Hussain Sagar, the heart-shaped lake that was built in 1563, you can do just that. What’s more, you can experience Diwali in two different cities from here, because the lake separates Hyderabad from its twin city Secunderabad. So go out to the lake and try not to let your jaw drop when the night sky is set ablaze all around you.

Parvati Hill, Pune

05 pune vantage points for fireworks

You’ll have to work a little to enjoy the view from Parvati Hill near Swargate, but it’s well worth it - a mere 109 steps separate you and a panoramic view of the city. And since the hill is located within city limits, you can be sure that the view you have of the fireworks bursting at eye level will make for one of the most memorable Diwali celebrations you’ve ever witnessed. Like this article? Also read: India’s Hottest New Tourist Destinations in 2017 Images via Wikipedia Commons