Valentine's day is around the corner and if you already have a special someone to go out with, congratulations. It's high time to make plans for the special day and you're probably considering a usual lot of ideas already - a restaurant, the movies, a vacation, etc. How about taking a different approach this year? We've curated some unique date night ideas for your Valentine's Day plans that are sure to make it memorable. Check these out.

Spend A Night Under The Stars

One of the most romantic sights, there's a reason why stars and the moon are part of so many love ballads. Pack your sleeping bags and plan for clear skies to spend a memorable night gazing at the jewels of the universe in the night sky.

Hit The Road Without A Destination

Who doesn't love travelling? This Valentine's Day just hit the road with your loved one without a plan and discover where the journey takes you. Get out of the city and the routine to make the day truly special.  

Cook Up A Memorable Dinner

  If you think this one's easy, think again. You can pull out all stops and fill the place with the soft glow of candlelight while making your SO's favourite dishes. Pair it with the right music for a night to remember.

Make It A Galentine’s Day

Despite the unique suggestions, if all these ideas are too mainstream for you, then make a plan with your girl gang and have the time of your lives. Whether it is comfortably binging your favourite sitcom at home or going for a nightout, make it all about having fun with your gal pals.

Take A Couple Class Together

One of the best ways to bond with your beloved is by learning something together. It could be a new dance form, a new language or skills like pottery. Many places hold special classes for couples and it could be a perfect way to start something together.

Plan A Spooky Good Date

Scientific studies have proven that people are attracted to each other if they experience something scary together. Once you're sure that both of you are okay with the idea, plan a date to the nearest haunted house. Keep each other close throughout the experience and laugh about it later. Have your own unique date ideas? Let us know in the comments!