When thinking of Valentine’s Day gifts, commercial staples like chocolate, flowers and cute trinkets are on top of everyone's gift list, especially if the relationship is new. But that won't fly with your S.O., when you're a couple of years in. Obviously. So if you're not sure what to buy this year - we're on hand to help. In fact, we're presenting a well-researched solution for a foolproof gift this year. A study by Harbinger, an American marketing firm, has found that millennial men and women both aspire to build a wholesome home and take on household responsibilities equally. The research on household gender roles said that men (72%) and women (71%) are equally as likely to be involved in the purchase decisions for major appliances. This meant that a man would want to buy a microwave or mixer just as much as a woman is likely too. Also Read: Ingenious Essentials: 5 Kitchen Appliances You Didn’t Know You Needed modern kitchen appliances This study was a revelation to marketers who targeted home gadgets, including small and large appliances at women only. The research claims, “For example, 46% of millennial men are doing laundry vs only 34% of Boomer men. Nearly half (49%) of millennial men are involved in meal planning and preparation vs only 41% of Boomer men.” This only proves that younger men are more involved in household tasks like laundry, cooking and cleaning. And what better gift to give them than appliances that help them with their chores. On the other hand, it’s not misogynist to gift a woman an appliance either. Think about it, technology in a way liberated women. A University of Montreal economist conducted an exhaustive study of US census data and found that home technology, including appliances did have a positive effect on women's participation in the labour force. The economist said that adopting household technology eventually led women to be able to get out and work more. What we’re saying is, she would like to own a cold press juicer as much as he would too, and it would be nice if you could just gift these essentials to each other. Of course, it does matter that you first consider your SO’s preferences and routines to pick the best appliance to gift your Valentine. So scroll below and shop for a meaningful Valentine’s Day gift this year. Also Read: Shades Of Love: Wear Head-to-Toe Red This Valentine’s Day Cover Image and Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com

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