A vacuum cleaner is what the new age cleans their houses with. After all, it takes away a lot of labour from what is the most essential task of living in a house; cleaning. Some vacuum cleaners not only help in cleaning dust from the floor but also filter dust from the air and make the entire room dust and allergen-free. But it's safe to say that we're all still looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of our vacuum cleaners. To help you use your vacuum cleaners better, here are some tips to help you make the most of it!

Clean from top to bottom

Never make the mistake of cleaning the floor first. Always start with shelves, curtains, table-top or anything that’s sitting at a higher position. All the dust that the vacuum cleaner has stirred but doesn’t suck, will eventually make its way down to the ground. Hence, it’s only logical to leave the carpet or the floor for the end.

Use the right attachments

Most vacuum cleaners come with a handful of attachments that all cater to different cleaning situations. Using the right attachments for the right situation is utterly important for a thorough cleaning session. Use the crevice tool to clean tight spots and corners, use the dusting brush to dust window sills, wooden surfaces, bookshelves etc., use the upholstery tool to remove dust, fur and lint from couches, sofas, beds and cushions and use the pet grooming tool to vacuum your pet!

Remove small objects from the floor

Before starting your cleaning session, make sure to remove all small objects that can be sucked inside by the cleaner. These objects can not only block the passage but can also damage internal parts. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Once is never enough

If you want great results, it’s advisable to use the vacuum cleaner more than once. Multiple rounds will truly suck up all the dust. Also, using the vacuum at different angles over successive efforts will pull up dirt more effectively, especially over surfaces like carpet.

Let vacuum cleaners clean the air

This piece of advice is particularly for those of you who won vacuum cleaners that have HEPA filters. These filters help in cleaning the dust and allergen in the air too. After your cleaning session, remove the hose and turn the vacuum cleaner on for a few minutes. This will ensure that the air in the room is clean and will also suck all odour making the room fresh again.

Don't stock up on dirt

Before you start using a vacuum cleaner make sure you empty the dust that was collected in its previous use. This will not only make space but will also prevent any damage from happening. If you wait for too long, this dirt can clog up parts of the machine and will reduce its efficiency. To be on the safer side, it’s recommended to empty the bag/canister after every use.

Prevention is better than cure

This isn't a tip that'll help you vacuum better but it's just a word of advice if you rely on a vacuum cleaner to clean your house. Try your best to prevent dirt from spreading in the first place. Place rugs at points of entry, don't wear shoes within the house and keep the windows shut when not at home. Also, it's important to know that vacuum cleaners aren't stain-killers. So if you've spilt something, clean it immediately instead of relying on your vacuum cleaner to take care of it later.

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