So you recently purchased a new smartphone and things were going well until you realised that the built-in 16GB of memory is almost done with and you cannot upgrade the storage of the phone as it doesn't feature an expandable memory slot. Your close friend warned you about this, yet you chose to buy the phone anyway because it was offered at a bargain. Do you ditch your phone for a new one now? Or could there be an alternate solution to the problem? Well there is a nifty solution that promises to save the day and it has Nexpaq written all over it. To put it in simple words, Nexpaq is the first modular smartphone case that arms you with the essential arsenal to customize, enhance and add new functions to your existing smartphone, without having to pull your hair out. This is made possible by the use of square blocks called modules that slide in to the Nexpaq case. The party trick being that you don't even need to turn off your phone when adding modules. You can simply slide them into the rear of the smartphone case and you are good to go. nexpaq smartphone What kind of new functionality or superpowers are we talking about? At the moment there are 12 modules to choose from and each one of them is aimed to enhance your smartphone. The case that you attach to your smartphone can only take six blocks, which means you will have to choose smartly. To start with, there is a block to boost battery power by 30–40 per cent. Also Read: Top 5 Big Battery Smartphones for Those Extended Pokémon Go Sessions Have that feeling that your smartphone speaker is a dud? Plonk in the amplified Loudspeaker module (available in 4 different colour combinations) and enjoy up to 40 per cent more sonic bang for the buck, which in this smartphone case translates to $29.9 USD (Rs 2,050). Space hogs will appreciate the Back Up Memory module that lets you add another 64GB of storage to your phone. However, if that's not enough, you can even add a microSD card reader module and boost the storage space. Trigger happy users will appreciate the LED flash module that should come as a boon if you love shooting in low light. LED flashes sap less power and offer brighter light spread, ensuring sharper pictures in low light. You can even add modules that measure the amount of humidity in the area you live in or the temperature around you. Other sensors add functions that you will surely not find in a current generation smartphone, include breathalyser (want!), night vision cameras and blood-glucose meter modules. You can pre-order a Nexpaq case right now for the following devices - iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Galaxy S5, S6, S6 Edge, Note 4, Note 4 Edge, OnePlus One for $99 USD (Rs 6,750). Optionally you can even buy it with the starter kit that packs in the one Nexpaq modular case along with the battery, speaker, hotkeys and SD card reader module for $169 USD (Rs 11,530). Nexpaq promises to launch more modules in the near future. nexpaq If you thought that was all, think again, because you can even buy the Batpaq instead which is a standalone device that works the same way as a Nexpaq case. However, this one is compatible with any smartphone and other mobile devices, connecting via Bluetooth or micro-USB. The Batpaq is capable of holding up to 6 modules and offers a rechargeable battery capacity of 2600mAh, which ensures that you won't run out of juice anytime soon. Also Read: Capacity Check: Get the Power Bank You Need, and Deserve We are certainly excited about the Nexpaq and will be getting our hands on the case and a few modules soon. When that happens, we will get you an in-depth review on how it goes. Or if you can't wait, you can get one of your own at Cover Image via; Images via