In a time not too long ago, school essentials meant a few notebooks and some pens. Cut to 2017, the only kind of notebook you'll need is the one that comes with a charging plug and a trackpad. Electronics have become a crucial part of the school supply list. It’s time to get smart about them and pack in the ones that will make this school year easier.

A convertible laptop that’s portable

A 2-in-1 laptop is all the rage these days. You can turn it into a laptop with a keyboard when you’re taking notes and then convert it into a tab when you’re reading or watching a video. These laptops come in compact sizes too so that they fit in your bag easily. Like the Acer One that features a 10.1” display and is updated with Windows 10 for maximum efficiency. Like this article? Also read: Is It a Laptop or A Tablet? Meet the Hybrids of Our Generation

A mouse to browse better

There’s only so much you can do with a trackpad. Sometimes when you’re browsing through those zillion cells on Excel or editing a small image pixel, you need a mouse for support. With a wireless mouse, you just need to plug a tiny USB and you can continue using this wireless support even from a distance.

A set of headphones to block out the noise

When it gets too noisy around campus, having a good pair of headphone can be helpful. The Sennheiser HD 569 is such a pair of headphones that’s powered with 23 Ohm impedance and strong bass that will give you excellent sound quality whether you want to enjoy a good song or just use it to block the noise around you.

A wireless hotspot for internet wherever you are

Most campuses have Wi-Fi but what if your class this year is located in a hop-spot free zone? One solution is to carry around your own wireless Mi-Fi so you can stay connected wherever you are. The JioFi Hotspot has super fast 4G speed and a battery that can last you about 6 hours of continuous use. That’s good enough for a whole day at school.

A USB flash drive for lightning speed transfer

Transfer notes, e-books and all your data with a USB flash drive. Find an useful gadget like the Sandisk iXpand flash drive that connect to a Windows Laptop as well as a MacBook. It has up to 32 GB storage and comes with a lightning and USB 2.0 connectors. Like this article? Also read:  How to Pick the Perfect Back to College Laptop Cover Image Courtesy:

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