Let’s face it, between work, chores and the same streaming services, life indoors can get a bit boring at times. While there are a ton of great ways to make it more interesting, sometimes you’re just looking for something out of the box. Well, the internet never disappoints. We’ve curated some fascinating and unique websites for you to pass the time when you’re bored – or simply curious. Fair warning – these websites are not useful in any other way than simply passing your time.


Did anyone ever tell you that your name sounds musical? Well, now it will! On this website, typing any of the alphabets on your keyboard will produce interesting visuals and sounds. When you’re bored with a set, pressing spacebar refreshes it with a new set of sounds. Unleash your inner musician.


Quick, Draw

If you’ve always believed that your doodling skills have always been underrated, maybe it is time to get them appreciated by an AI. In the quickdraw project from Google, you need to doodle an object in less than 20 seconds well enough for an AI to recognise it. Powered by Google’s software, everything from a fish to the Great Wall of China are on the cards.


Hacker Typer

When movies show a hacker, they’re almost always typing away code at a blazing fast speed onto a dark screen with green text. Well, this website lets you do exactly that regardless of what you type. So, the next time you want your friends or relatives to believe you’re a hacker, this can be a fun way to play a prank on them.


The Quiet Place Project

No, this has nothing to do with the show. A simple mindfulness exercise, the Quiet Place Project’s website shows you advice in the form of text on the screen, with peaceful music in the background. Interacting with the page lets more advice to come in. Continue on this if you’re seeking a break.


Bored Button

Last but certainly not the least, the bored button is a website with one button to press when you’re bored. It takes you to a random interesting website. If you don’t like a particular website, just press the button again.

Image courtesy: Shutterstock