The iPhone X is Apple’s most glamorous device yet, but it comes with a steep price tag too. The pre-orders for the iPhone X began at Rs 89,000 for the 64GB variant and Rs 1,02,000 for the 256GB phone. Yet there is much to love about this special edition, releasing on the heels of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, which are priced between Rs 64,000 and Rs 86,000.  So, the question remains, is that extra Rs 16,000 worth it? Here's what makes the iPhone X stand out: Also Read: Stylish Ethnic Pieces You Can Wear To An Indian Wedding

The edge-to-edge screen

iphone x face id The moment you look at the iPhone X, you’ll know that no other iPhone has ever looked like this. It has a gorgeous edge-to-edge screen, much like Samsung Galaxy S8’s bezel-less display. It is an OLED screen, which means you’ll get improved contrasts and deep colours. This HDR-ready phone (the first of its kind) sports a 2436 X 1125 resolution at 458 ppi across its 5.8-inches display.  

The new Face ID security feature

face id To accommodate the bezel-less screen, Apple had to do away with the home button. And with that also went the Touch ID, which was the easiest way to unlock the iPhone. However, with the iPhone X, Apple introduced a new security feature called the Face ID. The phone has a TrueDepth front-facing camera system that maps your face at setup and then uses it to unlock your phone. Apple claims that the chance of someone other than you unlocking your phone with Touch ID is one in 50,000, while with Face ID is one in a 1,000,000. Also Read: How Stuff Works: iPhone X’s Face ID  

Personalised animated emojis

Iphone x animoji Animated emojis or animojis, as Apple calls it, are a new feature, exclusive to the iPhone X. Here, the phone uses the Face ID sensor module and tracks your facial movement. It then maps your movements and expressions to an animated emoji. With this you can send those panda and unicorn animojis mimicking your expression, giving them a personalised touch.  

Portrait-like selfies

iphone x truedepth camera The TrueDepth camera system is more than just a security feature or animoji maker, it has other benefits too. It has the same DSLR-like portrait effect like the iPhone 7 Plus’ rear camera, except this time it’s the selfie camera. This camera can sense depth and create bokeh effects. It accentuates your face too, giving you some really good selfies.  

Upgraded battery

Iphone x battery The wireless charging feature is certainly a new thing in the iPhone X but the other releases of the year, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus also support it. However, the iPhone X’s battery lasts much longer than them. The iPhone 8 Plus comes close enough to the iPhone X with 21 hours of talk time but the iPhone 8 is much lesser at 14 hours just like the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It also has fast-charging capabilities that can charge 50% of the battery in 30 minutes. Also Read: 7 Shows to Watch If You’re a Mindhunter Fan To sum it up, the iPhone X has better screen, camera, battery, security and can do some neat tricks with emojis. If you think this is a good enough of an upgrade for you, go ahead and blow up those extra bucks buying Apple’s newest phone, the iPhone X from here. Find more iPhones here. Fine more Smartphones here Cover Image via Business Insider; Images via CNET, Cetus News and TechCrunch You can now bring a smile to the faces of underprivileged children suffering from cancer. Just shop on Tata CLiQ and we will donate a part of the amount to provide life-saving nutrition to these little ones. You can also share the love by writing something special for these kids with #CLiQToCare. @CuddlesFoundation