Remember those clip-on nylon hair strands in the ‘90s? We’ve all sported those at least once in our tweens, so we could sit with the ‘you can’t sit with us’ crowd. But that was then. These happy music festival goers will show you how we can pull off a Coachella in our very own backyard without faking it. They’re snapping their fingers at stereotypes (them Janis Joplin clones, about time y’all retired). No you don’t need a Volkswagen RV with a neon peace sign spray painted on the exteriors.  And please burn those flower wreaths already. Here’s a breed of the Neo-Hippie; one who’s wardrobe isn’t the culmination of a checklist off Google’s search for Street Style at a Music Festival. Distinctive and individualistic, here’s how the cool kids are mixing a bit of Indo-bohemian with pumped up kicks. East-meets-west-830x467 East meets Best A Banjara-esque dress and slouchy boots. Oh, Mama! You’re doing it right. We’re loving the way these ladies team ethnic elements with contemporary ones. Shine a light, someone. Minimalistic-830x530 Simple Plan The thing with good styling is, you have to look like you haven’t tried too hard. Normcore fans, can I get a what, what! Hair-colour--830x598 Life in Technicolour Orange IS the new black. And so is green. And purple. And blue. Think of a unicorn that ate an entire pack of Gems and puked rainbows. That’s inspiration enough *instantly grabs Manic Panic tube and some foil*   Photographer: Dwaiyapan Mazumdar