The original trailer of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy gave you a glimpse but not much of the plot was revealed. The new trailer has a bit more of the story that divulges in what the game will have in store for you. Unlike the other Uncharted games, you won’t be playing as Nathan Drake. Instead, the protagonists are two of the most badass women from the series, Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross. It is set after Uncharted 4, in war-torn India. So, the setting includes a vast spread of the Indian landscape with temples, rivers, mountains, forests, cities etc. The game is all about Chloe’s journey across India to find the mythical Tusk of Lord Ganesh. The new trailer reveals parts of the mission that will be involved in order to get to the ancient artefact. Naughty Dog has announced that Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will be a standalone game with a lot of action, exotic locations and impressive storytelling. Expect some Hindu mythology and fiction wrapped together to give you an interesting plot. The launch trailer showcases a few of Chloe’s combat moves which will involve a lot of running and gunning. And you only have to wait a few more months for it. With the launch of the new trailer, the release date and price has also been announced. This game will be out on 22nd August 2017 on the PS4 platform, priced at Rs. 2,750. Also Read: #SureThing: The Sony Playstation 4