As with good architectural practices, the key to building a perfect outfit is plain and simple—foundation, foundation, foundation! The wildest, rad-est, craziest looks have one thing in common – they all take underwear seriously. And why shouldn’t you? The intimacy good lingerie affords is only rivaled by the relationship you share with your girl squad. And hey! after everything is said and done, don’t we all just need someone to lean on? So ladies, without much further ado, here’s presenting the hand y guide to getting your lingerie right. Read it, learn it, bookmark it, and never ever have an awkward underwear moment again. T-shirt bra

The Fancy T-shirt Bra

Either way you interpret it, the focus word here is fancy. Sneak in a little sexy underneath your favourite T-shirt but don’t part ways with comfort yet. A plain ol’ black bra can be a bit salacious with hints of lace here and there. If your T-shirt is clingy, opt for smooth cups and leave the detailing to the panels. skin tone bra

The Second Skin Bra

I get it. You want to play it fast and loose and a nude bra reminds you of everything that is not—and your mom. How do I put it gently? A flesh toned bra might seem basic and boring but it is the Rosetta stone of your underwear drawer. A multiway nude bra goes a long way (see what I did there?) and under even the skinniest, sheerest, strapless dresses. balconette lace bra

The Balconette Bra

This style is definitely the Beyoncé of bras. It’s comfy, goes under even the widest necklines and is hella sexy. The right fit should give you the right lift—minus the thrust up a push up bra entails. Also, can you deny it makes you feel like a pin-up model? racerback bra

The Racer-back Bra

Perfect for tank-top weather and the gym, the sporty racer-back bra with an open-front is an upgrade. Goodbye, dilemma of letting your bra straps show under a T-back (ain’t nothing wrong with that, though). Hello, sunshine! Find more lingerie here. Illustrations by Aditi Sharma