If you’re a sports buff and you’ve been looking to buy a new television for a while, now’s the perfect time to choose one. With the start of the ICC Cricket World Cup and the onset of major sporting events like Wimbledon & US Open, it makes all the sense in the world to choose a television suitable to your needs. But, unfortunately, not all televisions are perfectly suitable to enjoy sports on. So while looking for a new TV to watch sports on, these are some aspects that you should pay close attention to for the best viewing experience from home.


Catching a sporting event during the day might be a problem if your room has a lot of windows. However, you can't afford to miss the 3:00pm matches during the ICC World Cup either. Hence, it’s important for the television to be bright enough and handle reflections well to be perfectly visible even in bright daylight.

Motion Blur

Unless you consider chess to be a sport, almost all sporting events are fast-paced. If television doesn’t have instant response times you might experience an annoying blur in rapid-movement situations.

You don't want that to happen when Kohli hits a six or Dhoni makes an awesome catch during the World Cup. So this should be one of the most important aspects while buying a new television for sports.

HDR & Upscaling

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. HDR-enabled TVs deliver brighter images, a wider range of colour and offer much better contrast levels to deliver life-like visuals. This along with upscaling, i.e. to upscale regular quality content to higher quality using a processing engine in the TV, will make a World Cup match come alive in front of your eyes.

Great viewing angles

When it comes to sports, we often find ourselves being accompanied by friends and families - especially when Team India reaches the latter stages of the World Cup. But unfortunately, not everyone in the house can get the best seat. So if a TV has good viewing angles, it will help deliver a similar quality of experience to everyone that’s watching the match. Apart from the above-mentioned aspects, screen size, resolution and sound output are some other important pointers that you need to keep in mind. Based on the above aspects, we have rounded up some really attractive televisions for sports that you should definitely check out.

Sony 215.9 cm (85 Inches) Android Smart Ultra HD 4K LED TV KD-85X9000F

If you’re looking for an absolute beast of a television to buy, look no further than the X9000F. This 85-inch 4K HDR-enabled behemoth delivers stunning image quality thanks to its outstanding X1 Extreme processing engine. Its X-Motion Clarity technology that helps in keeping fast action smooth and clear, is tailor-made for sports enthusiasts. It’s probably the best television you can get for sports in the world right now.

Samsung 190.5 cm (75 Inches) Ultra HD 4K LED TV 75NU8000

The Samsung NU8000 is an eye-catching television that excels both at beauty and brawn. Its 4K HDR panel handles motion really well. It also is great at upscaling content. So even though matches won’t be telecasted in 4K quality, the television’s processing prowess will upscale HD content to a higher quality.

LG 139.7 cm (55 Inches) Smart Ultra HD 4K OLED TV OLED55B8PTA

The LG B8 is a great choice if your room doesn’t get too bright. The 4K OLED panel has excellent viewing angles and a near-instantaneous response that makes it an ideal television for watching sports on. This is one of the best television overall in its price segment.

Sony 108 cm (43 Inches) Android Smart Ultra HD 4K LED TV KD-43X7500F

If you don’t want to splurge money like X9000F, then X75000F should definitely be on the top of your list. It has a smaller, yet great 4K LED display that is also HDR10 certified. The addition of Sony’s industry-leading Motionflow technology makes it even more suitable for sports and action-packed movies.

VU Pixelight 138 cm (55 inches) Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV 55QDV (Black)

Who says you can’t enjoy sports on a budget? VU’s new Pixelight range of televisions offer excellent value for money. This TV offers a 4K panel that is bright and offers good colour reproduction. While it does miss HDR, it’s VOD upscaling technology should help make live coverage of your favourite sports event look better.

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