Mothers, grandmothers and fathers who get their kicks off TV channels like Star Plus, Colours, CNN and Ten Sports might still find that big flat screened idiot box to be entertaining. But what about the rest of us who barely get a few hours to ourselves and the TV and are left to pick from whatever is running on a cable channel, even if you’ve tuned in at 9.20pm and have already missed 20 minutes of the show. Growing up, cable was a natural extension to our TV experience. But we’re long past that now. If you think that your relationship with your television has become dull, it’s time to cut the cord and embrace the new-age ways of owning a TV for entertainment. You’ll mainly need a TV to begin with and an internet connection. Here are a few ways to hook up your television to newer ways of entertaining you.

Smart TVs

Smart TVs are currently the new cool kids on the block. You can buy yourself a big smart TV and turn it into a multipurpose entertainment and interactive system. Connect it to the Wi-Fi and use it to not only stream videos from YouTube and other video streaming sites but can also use it to play online games and access other apps like Facebook, Twitter and more. You can also access video streaming apps like Netflix, Hotstar, Voot etc. to enjoy TV shows and movies whenever you want.

Media Hubs

If You don’t have a Smart TV, you can choose from the many media hub options that support streaming apps too. There’s a chance you already own a gaming console like the PS4 or Xbox or even a Nintendo Wii. These can be used as a media hub. Even a Blu-ray player powered by Wi-Fi can do the job. These large media hubs are connected to the HDMI port of your regular TV through which you can stream whatever you want on your big screen. There are small stick media hubs like Google Chromecast, Roku Streaming Stick and Amazon Fire TV stick too that you can connect to your TV’s HDMI port by a USB cable. Then using your smartphone or computer as a remote you can control this media hub to access video content from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, the Google Play Store and other services too.

Go basic

If you want to keep it much simpler than using a smart TV or a media hub, you can simply use a decent laptop and a good HDTV and connect them via an HDMI cable. Then use the laptop to stream and watch all you want on the big screen. You can also connect your smartphone and cast or mirror it on the TV via mirroring apps. Owning a TV today might seem irrelevant if you’re still using old school cable but if you don’t have a TV in your living room, where else will all the furniture in your room face. So, keep the TV but pick a newer and better way of watching it. Catch the best deals for TVs on tomorrow, the Watt A Sale will be live! Cover Image Courtesy:

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