The Indian TV industry has always made one thing clear - no matter what the situation, never compromise on fashion. From trendy western outfits to chic Indian wear, actresses on screen have always had their fashion game on point. And this especially stands true to the vamps on TV. There was a time when Komolika from Kasauti Zindagi Ki, Ramona Sikkand from Kaahin Kissii Roz and Jigyasa from Kasamh Se were the prime time favourites—not only for their on-screen antics, but also for their lavish, larger than life lifestyle. The dark eye make-up, the large bindis and chunky jewellery teamed with a deep lip colour all became symbols of TV vamps of the ’90s. But we are in 2017 and although Indian television has transformed for the better, the vamp still dresses up and makes sure we take some lessons from the unlikeable-yet-super-stylish women on Indian TV.

1. Low-cut blouses will oomph up your attire

Shagun No one knows how to carry sexy, low-cut blouses like our TV vamps. In fact, most women make mental notes of the styles they see on these stylish vamps. Take for instance, Shagun from the serial Yeh Hai Mohabbaetein, who is famous for her chic saree blouses that have become her signature; so much so that she even sports them in real-life with the same elan.

2. When it comes to make-up, less is more

tia Gone are the days when vamps on TV would fill their faces with layers of makeup and look their wicked best. New-age vamps will make sure they wear minimal make-up, with just a hint of colour on their lips or winged eye-liner, and let the expressions do the talking. Don’t believe me? Take a look at Tia’s character in the serial Ishaqbaaz that’s stylishly wicked. Even Tanveer from Qubool Hai is a great example of the same.

3. Bindis can do magic

damini Want to add some personality to your on-screen character? Wear a bindi. Not the huge ones that the likes of Komolika and Ramona sported, but just a tiny dot that’ll speak for itself. The character of Damini from Doli Armaano Ki wore only a bindi to accessorise her demure, sari-clad look and it worked.

4. Dress to kill

sanjana Every vamp on TV sticks to golden rule of dressing to kill. Be it the latest trends in jewellery, clothes or colours, you’ll see them on these women so much so that you’ll want to take style cues from them. After all, looking pretty on-screen is important especially if you are going to be the cruel one. Sanjana from Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil is a great example of this axiom.

5. Sticking to a colour palette

maya We’ve seen how sticking to a colour palette helps establish an association with the character, just like Maya’s obsessive character which wears only white in Beyhadh. Even though Maya isn’t the stereotypical vamp, wearing all-white everything has become her signature and works well for her. In fact, it looks good too.

6. Ethnic wear is elegant

dayavanti Ethnic wear has its own charm and we see that materialise in the serial Namkaran. Dayavanti Mehta's character in Namkaran may not be the quintessential style icon but she wears the most admirable saris in the traditional Gujarati style. These are sure to win over the ethnic fashion loving soul.