Whether it was Sex and The City’s edgy fashionista outfits or Gossip Girl’s preppy flair, everyone was talking the trend and lusting the look. The craze continues today; circa 2015-2016 has some of the finest fashion-focused series that aren’t too hard to recreate. Whether your style’s classy, hipster or normcore, there’s a TV show out there for each one of you, bearing inspiration to your wardrobe.
girls Here’s a TV show that voices the struggles of every 20-something year old. And what better way to express their thoughts and lifestyle than their wardrobe, which is eccentric and oddly appealing. Just like the show itself, fashion here is moody and very millennial. You’ll be able to relate to every character’s style. From Hannah’s rebellious meets quirky, thrift-shop outfits, to Marnie’s elegant and impeccable dresses, here you’ll see 20-something fashion in extremes. Let’s also not forget Jessa’s Bohemian flair and Shoshanna’s casual cutie clothes. All in all, this show is truly millennial, fashion and otherwise too. Also Read: 7 Shows To Watch While You Wait For Game of Thrones To Return  
Scream Queens
scream queens Screem Queens has brought back sorority fashion and has given everyone some serious #OOTD inspiration. The real standout in the show is undoubtedly the Kappa Kappa Tau girls, especially the Chanels who wear a lot of expensive-looking pastels, high heels, have perfectly manicured nails and pristinely done make up. They’re all about pearls, feathers, and rhinestones. Well, the fashion does seem a little too unrealistic for campus, but hey to each their own. Screem Queens is setting #fashiongoals to all those Mean Girls out there with dreams of being dolled up in Gucci, Valentino Fendi and the likes of it.  
Empire The show resonates high-fashion like no other show of our time. You cannot just go on watching the show without being absolutely mesmerised by every character’s super glam styling. From Hakeem’s Versace, Hugo Boss and Givenchyesque outfits to Cookie’s bold, unapologetic and iconic looks, the show is possibly giving real celebrities some serious glamspiration. Also Read: The Old School TV Shows That Make Team Que Smile  
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt There’s always been a recurring lot of shows with bright eyed protagonists who are total goofs and channelize cheeriness all year around. With them comes a certain pattern of wardrobe and colours that lend the character this unique appeal. Joining the squad this year is our girl Kimmy in her show the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Her wardrobe looks like it’s been revived from the 90’s pop fashion scene. There’s an overflow of bright colours, florals, stripes and cute prints all over them. Team that up with cardigans, dungarees, sweaters and skirts and anyone can pull a little miss sunshine.  
House of Cards
house of cards Skim your way through the suits and shoes of the show and you’ll find some serious boss woman inspiration. Claire Underwood’s power wardrobe is as sharp as her personality. Her slick tailored outfits and mostly monochrome colour palettes has given working women such top notch style goals. Even so, let’s just point out, stepping into the wardrobe of the First Lady is more than just looking iconic, it’s about feeling powerful. Cover Image via amazonaws.com; Images via huffingtonpost.com, guim.co.uk, vogue.com, rozswietlamykulture.pl, condenast.co.uk