Champagne, cocktails, high heels and bow ties, Oscar viewing parties are no less glamourous than the Oscars itself. February is an exciting time for people who love their cinema. They come together and watch, cinemasplain and bet on winners. There’s no holding back on the glitz and glam for the night so why should you as a host be any subtler with the one thing that’s holding up your party together. Go all out with a large screen while watching the 89th Academy Awards ceremony. Here are some large screen TVs to pick from.
Panasonic (60 Inch) 3D Smart UHD 4K Led TV
Panasonic 60CX700D 152.4 cm (60 Inch) 3D Smart UHD 4K Led TV
A big crowd deserves a large screen TV and it doesn’t get any more exciting than this 60-inch 4K LED screen. Actually, it does get better, this TV is also a Smart TV and supports 3D. Take a bold step into the future of TVs my friends.
Sony (55 Inch) UHD 4K Smart Led TV
Sony KD-55X9300D 139 cm (55 Inch) UHD 4K Smart Led TV
What good is a 55-inch screen if you can see the pixels when you get too close to it? That’s when you pick a 4K Ultra HD TV. You can sit twice as close to a TV like this than an ordinary large screen. Also Read: An Insight into Buying the Perfect TV
Panasonic (50 Inch) Full HD LED TV
Panasonic TH-50C300DX 127 Cm(50 Inch) Full HD LED TV
A good HD TV today should have at least 1080p resolution. This will give you images sharp enough for your large screen.
Sony (49 Inch) Smart UHD 4K LED TV
Sony 49X8300D 123 cm (49 Inch) Smart UHD 4K LED TV
It might be much more expensive than a FULL HD LED TV of a larger size, but having a 4k Ultra HD TV ensures greater detail which makes images appear richer and lifelike. Also Read: How to Make the Most Of Your TV In 2017
Samsung (55") Full HD LED TV
Samsung UA55K5570AU 138 cm (55) Full HD LED TV
But a FULL HD TV is also good for now since not all cable networks are ready enough to tune 4K quality. A large screen TV with great audio, video and clarity is worth your buck.

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