Tumblr pink is everywhere. On the runway, in Calvin Klein Ads, Drake’s Hotline Bling cover art, Bentley convertibles and even shopping bags. In fact we are seeing this colour creep into our livelihoods more and more with every passing day. This soft-as-a-whisper shade has suddenly become omnipresent especially in the fashion world and if you’re a follower, you’ll know what we are talking about. Fashion_Week_Streets_cfws0117_Copenhagen_AW1718_1_STST5618 It’s not the bright pink we are referring too nor the baby pink that’s Barbie’s favourite. We are talking about the muted pink that’s been made popular by Tumblr posts and resembles the bubble gum pink that has never been given that much importance. But of late, we are seeing it everywhere. Rose Quartz as its officially called is enjoying a wide reach after becoming fashions latest favourite and isn’t going anywhere at least for the next two years, as forecasters predict. Its become the quintessential feminine colour which has a soothing appeal which is gentle yet manages to convey compassion and a sense of composure. Compare it to a serene sunset, budding flowers or flushed cheeks and you’ll know what we are talking about.

How it came into existence

But do you know how this millennial pale shade came under the spotlight? Pantone the chief colour management system declared Rose Quartz and Serenity (light blue) as the colours of the year 2016. For the first time Pantone announced two colours as colours of the year shocking fashionistas all around the world and linked both these pale colours to health and wellness. New_York_nys20117_41_WW_NewYork__January_2016 Rose quartz was apparently inspired from the rosy glow that comes with good health while serenity from the sky and the peace it brings. But pale pink has been on fashion expert’s radar for some time now and was suddenly picked up by large corporates, advertisers and marketers making its use ubiquitous.

Changing perceptions

In fact some people also believe that the Tumblr pink’s obsession is also a result of changing perceptions that have begun to diminish gender barriers. Even fashion brands have begun to advertise their products in a gender neutral manner making way for a new mindset that has an empowering, feminist tone. The gender blur that is being experienced in various parts of the world is a result of such marketing that has impacted the choice of colours, trends and designs too.Fashion_Week_Streets_cfws20117_Copenhagen_AW1718_2_STST6828 Thus now we see this colour on iPhones, watches, clothes and many more lifestyle products that are slowly but surely creeping into our livelihoods. And as for high-end fashion brands, they soon followed suit post Pantone’s announcement when Diesel’s Spring 2016 ad campaign used rose quartz among other colours. Even Vans released limited addition pink Old Skools for men and women both and more brands will surely follow the bandwagon. Shop for your Tumblr Pink fix here. Images courtesy WGSN