Dear QUE, Let me preface this by saying I'm mortally afraid of colour. It's not that I don't admire it on other people—I really do. I'm constantly seeking outfit inspiration on Pinterest and my Instagram feed is a carefully curated source of rainbow-coloured fashion blogger posts. In real life, though, I repel colour like oil repels water. My closet is fifty shades of black and I steer clear of anything with the slightest hint of hue when I'm shopping. It's not that I'm completely averse to it, I just don't know which colour complements the other. I'm always clueless about it so I end up sticking to my comfort zone of all black everything. I desperately want to break out of this pattern now and experiment. Can you tell me where to start? - Perpetually Chromophobic Dear PC, We understand your pain. Colour theory is tricky to master, making black the new black. The biggest fear around trying out two or more colour combinations is the time involved in coming up with the harmony. Understanding the basics like complementary or harmonious colours is actually easier than you think. To quell your anxiety around this, here's an easy-to-follow guide to mixing colour like you're Picasso.

Keep in Monotonous

Monochrome Sounds boring but the effect is the exact opposite. Restricting the colour palette to the same family is a far superior option to wearing all black -- your hesitation to wear colour will be gone and you wouldn't have to stray too far from your comfort zone to transition into colour. Also read: The Definitive ‘Stay Safe This Monsoon’ Checklist How to Get the Most Out of Your Yoga Session Hacks to Take Care of  Your Gadgets in Monsoon

Know Your Basics

complementary colours Complementary colours are those that are placed opposite to each other on the colour wheel. All you need to know is this - red complements green, blue complements orange and violet complements yellow. Try variations keeping this in mind and you can never go wrong with mixing hues and coming up with new outfit combinations.

Add in Little Doses

It may come as a surprise but there is no right or wrong when it comes to mixing colours. All you need to do is exercise control. Instead of opting for separates in three or more graphically different colours, introduce a pop through bright accessories. A strategically placed belt or neon coloured shoes can have the same effect without blinding the onlooker. The world is your crayon box, go add some colour to your closet today! Images via