Since Republic Day is a holiday, it gives you that much needed extra time to whip up a special meal for the family. Sticking to the theme, how about you prep together a tricolour assortment of food to impress everyone. With a bunch of handy kitchen appliances, you’ll be cooking these fancy tricolour recipes in no time.
Tricolour juice
tricolour juice Begin the day with a burst of orange, white and green juices to revive everyone up. Keep some oranges, bananas, kiwis and a juicer at hand to get this healthy juice ready for the family at breakfast. Check it out
Tricolour idli
tricolour idli Talking about breakfast, how about you give those steaming hot idlis a touch of patriotism on Republic Day. Add some natural ingredients to two separate batches of batter to give them those rich orange and green colours and hint of added flavour. Did you know you can stream the batter in a rice cooker to get piping hot and fluffy idlis every time. Just remember to use a non-stick idli plate when steaming. Check it out
Tricolour rice
tricolour rice With a little extra effort, you can turn your ordinary rice into a highlight at the lunch table. Prepare rice as you would normally in a rice cooker and then mix it with a separately cooked paste to bring out the orange and green. Check it out
Tricolour cake
tricolour cake No celebration is complete without a cake. Give your regular cake a twist of orange, white and green to make this tricolour cake. Preheat the oven and this cake will be ready within an hour. Check it out
Tricolour baked crackers
tricolour crackers Patriotic crackers anyone? Made with whole wheat and coloured with some spinach and carrots, these tricolour crackers are healthy and delicious. It also requires no oil to cook since you’ll be baking it in an oven or air fryer. Check it out Also Read: You’re One Air Fryer Away from A Healthier Diwali Cover Image Courtesy:; Images via shutterstock,,,

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