Is work driving you so crazy that you feel like sending some choice expletives your boss’ way? Been there, done that, my friend. What you need is a vacation. ‘Are you listening to yourself?’ is what you’re probably thinking, but hear us out on this one. “Given how fast-paced our lives are, staycations are great value because you don’t need to stress about booking flights and going out of your zone. It is a huge draw for local families who want a getaway in their own city,” Niharika Tandon, PR Manager for Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, says. Interested in knowing what staycations are? Let’s start by defining what it means. A staycation is basically taking a vacation in your own city – a concept that gained popularity in the immediate aftermath of the crippling global financial crisis of 2008. While we’re seemingly better off now, the concept of staycations really caught on and hotels began opening their doors to city residents planning staycations. As a result, more and more people are planning their breaks in the city they live in and this isn’t just a financial decision either. Here are three main reasons you must try taking a staycation this year, too.  

Plan It Like You’re In Paris

Exploring your city helps your budget, but the main purpose of a staycation is to see more of your own city. The trick to a successful staycation is to plan it like an actual vacation. You wouldn’t laze around and watch TV in your hotel room in Paris, would you? So, get out there and explore your own city as if it were the gorgeous city of Paris. Check out all the popular attractions, go for events you’ve just read about in the papers and have an itinerary for each day. End the day by trying a new cuisine from a great restaurant. Why? Because you’re on vacation, silly!  

Leave Your Work Behind

The other thing about a successful staycation is to ‘be’ on vacation. So get the cameras out and ditch your work phone. Don’t be tempted to do anything that you usually do on normal working days. Ditch the smartphone and don’t let emails crowd your mind at any time. Take a walking tour of an area completely unknown to you. Essentially, think of it as me-time even though you’re still in your city. The only tech you need is to find great attractions close to you during the day before you the streets for some shopping during the evenings. Yes, that’s what tourists do and, now, so will you!  

Live The Tourist Life

The best way to see a place is to see it as a local would. But, this is suddenly a problem when you already are a local. Your next best refuge is to see your city as a tourist would. So, choose a great hotel to stay at and get a spa treatment. #GoodLife “It’s hard to give specific numbers, but young urban couples are the biggest exponents of staycations,” Tandon says. To cater to the crowd, hotels have added options like late-night spa treatments for guests, pet-friendly hotel rooms, and even options like booking an extra room along with yours. Remember, this is time off from your normal life and breaking the bank a little is allowed. The idea of a staycation is the same as a holiday – they should both make you relax before you get back to your normal routine.


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