Technology has undoubtedly done many wonderful things for us, but amongst the foremost of these must be the ease with which we can now bring art into our lives. Instagram is a treasure trove of stunning images, ranging from the realistic to the absurd, that put you within a click away from some extraordinary photography. Here are some photographers you should be following if you aren’t already.

Joshi Daniel

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Joshi Daniel is a photo-artist from Kerala who takes some of the best street photography to come out of the south. If you’re in Mumbai and his name sounds familiar, that’s because he exhibited his fascinating images at the 2011 Kala Ghoda Arts Festival under the theme ‘Faces’.

Neelima Vallangi

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Neelima Vallangi is something of a veteran when it comes to the new age of Indian travel photography. The travel writer and photographer set off down this path in 2008 and has made it her mission to visit every state and union territory. Hopefully, we’ll get to hear all about it in a new story like these published works.

Alex Webb

Street photographer Alex Webb is a photographer associated with international photographers’ cooperative, Magnum Photos, since 1976. His work has been exhibited in museums and exhibitions all over the world, as well as in several collections. In addition to this, Webb has also published several books featuring his photography, along with his wife, Rebecca Norris Webs.

Alejandro M Campos Herrera

01 travel photographers alejandro herrerra Credits: Alejandro Mirsha / Tumblr This little-known photographer from Mexico is one reason we love the internet’s ability to alert us to the presence of talent. Herrera’s photographs are incredibly layered and vibrant, and full of bold colours and incredible detail. His background in architecture is evident in the uncanny straightness of his lines.

Danny Yen Sin Wong

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In case you can’t make sense of this surreal photo, that’s a local Vietnamese woman tending to handmade fishing nets. The way the nets hang around her gives the photograph its eerily beautiful quality. Wong burst onto world stage in 2012 and his work has been featured in exhibitions across the world since then.

Nirmal Harindran

Nirmal Harindran is a photojournalist based out of Kochi whose work has been featured in The Indian Express as well as other popular websites and publications. His street photography transforms the mundane sights around him into little vistas into his world for the rest of us to admire.

Sebastio Salgado

The world-famous photographer from Brazil has travelled to over 120 countries for his projects. His work has been featured in numerous prestigious publications over the last few decades. To cap it all off, he has been a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since 2001. Salgado’s specialty lies in long-term projects, which almost always end up published as books featuring hundreds of images from around the world.

Aaditya Pawar

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To be honest, not a whole lot is known about this architecture photographer from India, other than the fact that he hails from Navi Mumbai. His photographs show us the city of Mumbai through a lens which sees it a little differently from most other people. It may not strictly be travel photography, but if you aren't from Mumbai you just might learn a thing or two about the city.


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