The water baby in you will like these holiday spots. Rent a boat, pack your swimsuit and unleash your inner Captain Haddock as you sail the seas along these gorgeous routes across the world.  

The French Riviera

Mon dieu! You are likely to run out of exclamations as you sail across the Mediterranean coast in the south of France. Call on cities like Nice, Monaco, Marseille and St Tropez – each of which is famous in its own right. If you’re the type to enjoy glamour and glitz, sail this route to bump into a Hollywood celeb or billionaire.  


01 places to sail A trip to this East African archipelago will transport you back centuries within minutes of your arrival. But even more incredible is sailing away from Zanzibar. Float away from its famous Old Stone quarter in a traditional dhow boat, and if you’re lucky the locals will serenade you with songs that have been passed down generations in what is a rich oral tradition. Take the route that goes past the islands of Pemba and Tanga, then sail back to civilization at Dar-e-Salaam. Out at sea, as the sun sets over Indian Ocean, it is hard not to turn into a romantic and sing paeans to nature’s glory along with local sailors.  


02 places to sail This eastern European destination is the hottest place to be right now. Especially if you are a Game of Thrones fan. Located off the coast of the Adriatic Sea, the coastline is made up of more than a thousand islands that stretches across an astounding 1,778 km. Leave from Dubrovnik or Split and make your way to the little-known and sparsely inhabited islands of Kornati or Vis to realise that Croatia is worth all the hype you’ve been hearing about it.  

The Islands of Greece

04 places to sail Cruise around the Aegean and Ionian seas to explore a wealth of history that is as vast as the 1,500-odd islands that dot the region. From popular spots such as Mykonos, Corfu and Santorini to lesser-known islands that barely get any love from visitors, sailing the Greek islands is as much a rite of passage as anything else. With the freedom to dive off anywhere, anytime and indulge in authentic Greek cuisine that is known to lend longevity, an island-hopping trip along Greece is a must-do for any sailor worth his salt.  

Turquoise Coast Way, Turkey

05 places to sail Turkey’s southern coast has a gem up its sleeve. Popular among local travellers, the enchanting Turquoise Coast invites sailors to peek into the clearest turquoise waters this side of the Mediterranean.  The best way to sail in these waters is by traditional gulet (a wooden yacht) that locals still use. You can stop at hidden coves and marvel at ancient ruins in a region that has seen a lot of action through history. Most journeys begin from Fethiye, a popular tourist spot thanks to the Lycian Way - a 500 km walking route that lures adventure lovers from across the globe.  

Whitsunday Islands, Australia

06 places to sail

Rising stars on the Australian tourist map, the 74 Whitsunday islands are quickly turning into a must-visit for those travelling to Queensland. The reason is obvious enough: the proximity to Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Rent a boat and cruise around this gorgeous natural wonder – right from the colourful fish to sea turtles and the reef itself.  

Tahiti, French Polynesia

07 places to sail It is impossible not go gooey-eyed when talking about French Polynesia, the slice of earth that looks exactly what you’d imagine a tropical heaven look like. Vacationers can look forward to endless white sand beaches, clear blue waters and the company of just a few thousand locals; Tahiti (and its 100-odd islands) is where you go when you want to escape it all. The unique culture and way of life is also something to marvel at, something that originated simply because it was so cut off from the rest of civilization.

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