Landing into a far-off and unfamiliar country can be exciting and daunting. You’re just one tiny person in a city of millions with a hundred things to do, see and experience. Where do you start, what do you do, how do you do it? Before your mind tires away just getting started, gain a better perspective on the place you’ve set to conquer by teaching your way through it. Control your trip through your smartphone with these travel apps that make travelling easier.
Google Trips
google trip This app organises all your important information in one place. It automatically gathers info from Gmail about your bookings, flights and all other reservations and organises it in a single place as per the date so you don’t have to ramble through your email each time. It includes sections for day plans, things to do, food and drinks, suggestions and more. Based on where you are, it suggests plans that best match your time and interest. It gives you a list of restaurants nearby, along with the rating, so you don’t have to go through other apps for that. The best part about it is that you can access it offline too. Download: For Android, for iOS
Guides by lonely planet
lonely planet Get a more personalised guide of your destination by using this app. These guides are curated by writers that are familiar with the place they’re talking about. They bring to it a personal review of every spot and give you essential tips on where to stay, what to do and everything else that will help you discover the place like a real traveller and not just a tourist. This app also lets you access maps offline. It has a currency converter and audio phrasebooks to help you with the basic language. Download: For Android, for iOS
splitwise When you’re travelling with a group or even one other person, splitting each fee can be confusing. Splitwise is a super-efficient app to solve such math problems for you. To use it, simply make a new account of the trip and add all the members to it. Then every time someone pays the group bill, make an entry in the app about each payment and who paid it. At the end of the trip, the app will split the amounts with the required permutation combinations and tell you how much each one owes and to whom. It's easily one of the most useful apps to have when travelling in a group. Download: For Android, for iOS
XE Currency
xe currency Calculating the currency every time you spend on an international trip can be annoying. Here’s an app to do it for you. It’s an app that does not take much space. It updates exchange rate to give you current figures so you don’t have to use Google to do it. Once you have the updated figure, you can use it offline too. Download: For Android, for iOS
TrabeePocket: Travel Expense
trabeepocket This app is great for people who like to stick to their budgets when travelling. Instead of mentally remembering or tracking it manually, you can use this app to account your spending. You can add in how much currency you have on hand. You can then check in each expense in the app with a single touch. It will also tell you how much you have left. If you’re not too sure about the currency, it will display amounts in the currency of that place along with your native currency, so you have a better idea about how much you’ve spent. It also has several categories like food, sightseeing, transportation etc. to track your expenditure. Download: For Android, for iOS Also Read: Travel Far and Wide, But Not Without These 6 Handy Travel Gadgets Images via Play Store