Most of us have been living indoors for a large part of the past few months. Adjusting to working from home and taking care of house chores might have become second nature now, leaving us some time and bandwidth to explore something new. Using this time to develop new skills can be a great idea, especially if those skills can help you improve your resume. Even if that’s not the purpose, there’s no harm in learning something new. Here are some of the top tech skills you should develop during the lockdown.


Before you say how daunting this suggestion is, let us tell you that those days, when programming was the sole domain of highly skilled tech professionals, are long gone. Today, conversational programming languages and easy to learn tools are making it accessible to people of all skill levels and age groups. Try your hand at some of the basic tools like Swift Playgrounds or to get started.


When your life is largely spent surrounded by electronic devices, it can be useful to know how they work and maybe even learn how to fix them when they malfunction. Understanding the different components that go inside your smartphone, laptop, TV, or even the humble mixer grinder in your kitchen can be quite helpful the next time one breaks down or when you’re looking to get a new model.

Graphic Design

Due to freely available open-source tools as well as free starter courses on platforms like YouTube, learning graphic design at home is quite approachable. If you’ve always wanted to express your visual creativity but felt a lack of skills to do so, now’s the time. Try out free tools like Inkscape and their numerous tutorials available online.


We’ve all picked up our phone cameras, clicked something and then been disappointed by the results. You'd be surprised how much of a difference it makes to know the basics of framing, shutter speed, exposure and more. All these factors can be influenced by most smartphones in their manual/pro camera modes today, so there’s nothing stopping you from getting better shots once you learn how.

Digital Marketing

Now, this might seem like a stretch in this article, but digital marketing today can get highly technical, and is a highly sought-after skill. Learning it has been aided by free courses from companies like Google, Hubspot and more. Even if you’re not looking for a career in marketing, knowing the basics will help you get more visibility to your own startup, artwork or anything you’re working on.

Image Courtesy: Canva