Our smartphones fulfil various purposes in our everyday lives. However, their already impressive capabilities can be further augmented using the right accessories. Be it photography, media consumption or even something as simple as charging your phone, the experience can be improved if you complement it with the right add-on. We’ve curated some useful and impressive options for you to choose from.

Smartphone tripod

Photography is an area that smartphones keep getting better at. So, it is not a surprise that accessories are available to amplify their captures. A smartphone tripod will provide the best stability to your shots, and even make your live streams super steady.

Wireless charging power bank

As accessories, Power banks have freed us from the need to stay plugged in to a power outlet whenever our phones run out of energy. However, a wireless power bank takes that one step further by freeing you from being plugged into itself. Make sure your phone supports wireless charging before you get one.

High capacity memory card

Most smartphones today come with enough onboard memory for an average user. However, if you’re a content creator or have a huge media library that you like to keep close, among accessories, a high-performance high capacity memory card compatible with your smartphone can erase your storage woes forever.

Portable steriliser

A modern necessity, our smartphones are also prone to being perfect grounds for micro-organisms to breed. A portable UV steriliser, that also doubles up as a powerbank, can ensure that your health stay the top priority without having to ditch your essential devices and accessories. You can even use it to disinfect small objects like keyrings and more.

True-Wireless headphones

Gone are the days when simple Bluetooth headphones were the state of the art. Today, we live in the age of true-wireless stereo (TWS) headphones which have no wires of any kind and plug directly into your ears. The best ones come with a host of useful features like volume controls, call controls and more.

Image Courtesy: Canva