Apple’s bet on affordable models has paid off far better than anyone expected it to. According to numbers from Counterpoint Research, The iPhone XR has been the bestselling smartphone model globally in Q3 2019. With this, the iPhone XR has emerged as the top-selling smartphone for every quarter in 2019. It continues to outperform even newer iPhones.

2019's bestselling smartphone

Beyond the XR, the other phones in the top 5 are the Samsung Galaxy A10, the Galaxy A50, the Oppo A9, and the iPhone 11. In terms of global market share, the model accounts for 3%, however, it accounts for one-fourth of Apple sales overall. These impressive numbers could be backed by several factors.

How did the iPhone XR achieve this?

First, the model did see a few price cuts once the new iPhone models were launched, which sustained its demand. On top of that, customer perception about buying smartphones that cost more than $1000 is changing. More customers are choosing to experience the Apple ecosystem at lower price points.

The top 10 devices in Q3 2019 according to Counterpoint Research

This is reiterated by the fact that all three Samsung smartphones in the top ten are from the mid-range A series – the A50 and A20 along with the A10. Another notable name in the top ten was Xiaomi’s Redmi 7A, a hugely popular device in India.

What could this mean for future iPhones?

It would be wrong to assume that Apple will ignore this phenomenon. In fact, there are rumours of an even cheaper iPhone model being planned for 2020, most likely in the first half when the impact of the iPhone 11 series starts to fade.

The popular iPhone SE

Dubbed as the iPhone SE 2, the pricing could be expected to be at least equal to the original iPhone SE at $399, which would still be a great price-point for people looking for a more affordable iPhone. We all know how popular the iPhone SE was. However, since all of this is based on rumours, we can only wait for some confirmation from Apple soon.

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