With the new year here, we're quite sure that you've already made up your mind about this year's resolutions. For many of us, fitness is one of the goals for 2020 - improving our physical health through workouts and exercise.

However, these goals require constant dedication and motivation. We've curated a number of useful tools, as well as some essential fitness tips, to make your 2020 fitness resolutions easily achievable.

Use apps to plan your workouts

With the right smartphone, you can use some of the best workout apps to get guidance and help in planning your workout routine.

Access precise workout data

When you're working out, it is important to measure your performance. You might be falling short or overdoing it at any given point of time. Use smartwatches to get a detailed analysis of your workouts.

Set achievable step targets

One of the basic ways to stay fit is to walk enough. To track how many steps you've taken in a day, fitness trackers are an essential wearable device for you.

Opt for vegetable juices

To be truly fit, you need to go beyond physical activity and also focus on what you consume. Use a juicer to make healthy drinks that fill your stomach, as well as keep you hydrated and focused.

Pick olive oil for healthy frying

While it is important to eat zero fried food during your fitness regime, sometimes it gets impossible when you have too many guests. For special occasions like these, use an air fryer to cook up a feast that is healthy as well as tasty.

Use music for high-stamina

Research has proven that using music can actually have a positive impact on workouts. It helps you focus and keep your rhythm up. The right headphone brings that experience straight to your ears.

Add dancing to your workouts

When you want to go a bit harder and the headphones just won't stay, or you prefer a completely headphone-free zone - Bluetooth speakers are really capable today for any and every party.

Pick music with the right pace

If you don't like the overall form factor of headphones, make your workout music personal with earphones. They are also better for high-intensity training since they don't fall off easily.

Maintain a regular sleep schedule

Getting enough sleep is important for your physical as well as mental wellbeing. Use an activity tracker with sleep tracking features track the overall quality of your sleep.

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