There's a lot of us ladies out there who'd rather watch a game of football with friends than hit the club in a bodycon dress. Yes, they have a wardrobe predominantly consisting of black, grey and blue and pink to them is what kryptonite is to Superman. If you'd rather spend your savings on a new pair of pumped up kicks rather than a day at the salon with the girls, you've probably never as much as owned a pair of high heels (exception being that one wedding you attended eons ago and were forced to wear one under a sari). So what do you do if you find yourself in a job or any such other situation where a pair of sneakers just wouldn't cut it? Here are some life saving tips on how you can grudgingly start wearing heels and actually get used to them.

Start Small

Don't just straight away go for a 5 inch stiletto and despise it for the rest of your life. A well-fitted pump with 2-3 inches of heel is a good to way to start.

Say no to Strappy

Strappy heels can often be wobbly and take way more adjustment and getting used to than a classic peep toe or regular pumps. Your feet will have better support and the chances of it digging into your toes and causing shoe bite is way lesser.

Sole Searching

One of the reasons why a pair of sneakers is so comfortable is the plush sole it is equipped with for athletic purposes. You can add a thicker insole to a pair of heels and it can ease the discomfort of walking in them for newbies. Insoles tend to decrease the size of a shoe, so make sure you buy a size bigger if you're planning to add one.

Stay Neutral

A nude or black pair is a good way to start as it blends in with most colours and won't make it very obvious that you're suddenly wearing heels.

Quality Matters

A well constructed pair of heels will go a long way to make life easier for you. Make sure the material is something that won't constrict you but mould into the shape of your foot and the heel will not start wobbling after a few wears.