Water is really good for you, especially when it’s hot as hades out there! But it still doesn’t change that fact that chugging down a glass of water can be absolutely boring. How does one get through two litres of H2O in a day then? First of all, it’s summer and you should be upping your water intake anyway. Dietician and founder of Just Diet, Jasleen Kaur, recommends you drink at least 3 to 4 litres of water when the temperature soars. She also adds that drinking less water can cause dehydration and water retention, which can lead to several side effects such as dizziness, bloating, headaches, acne etc. You really don’t want to suffer through this while you’re already struggling with the heat. The solution to this problem lies in drinking water and these ingenious methods will make drinking more. Here are a few fun ways to drink water, according to Kaur. Also Read: Ask Me How: To Put Together The Perfect Formal Look

Make Plain Water Flavoursome

The common complaint about drinking water is that it tastes so…meh! It actually tastes like nothing and that can be boring. The simplest solution is to give your taste buds something to look forward to. Infuse your water with flavours of your choice. You can add in some fresh zest of lemon, mint, cucumber or even some cinnamon and slurp on this deliciously hydrating potion. drinking water

Sip On Classic Summer Drinks

A large glass of lemonade helped you survive summer holidays as a kid and it can save you now too. If you don’t get enough fluids through the day, take a lemonade break once or twice a day to hydrate yourself. Not a fan of lemon, how about a large glass of creamy lassi then? Since it’s mango season, you can even opt for a delicious aam panna drink to satiate your taste buds and your thirst.

Look For Other Natural Alternative

Other alternatives like coconut water and fruit and vegetable juices will not only level up your water intake but will also increase your nutrient intake. These natural sources contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that equip your body better to deal with the heat. If you’re just forgetful about your water intake, Kaur recommends setting an alarm for your water break. Other than that there are apps like Hydro Couch and iHydrate to remind you to sip on some H2O. While you're making sure to stay hydrated also ensure that the water you drink is pure and filtered through a good water purifier. Also Read: Why You Need to Upgrade to This Epic ​Water Purifying Technology Now Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com

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