Whenever you think of picnics, you think of the outdoors. However, it might not be possible to go out all the time. In such a situation, an indoor picnic can be a lot of fun and convenient too! It is less formal than a formal lunch or dinner and is as good for a full family as it is for a couple. Added bonus? No insects or sunburns to worry about. We've listed out a few tips on how to have a great picnic indoors this Sunday.

Tip 1: Create a mood

Let's face it, your house isn't always the ideal picnic spot. What it can be, however, is comfortable and cosy. So, put in some effort to move the furniture away and create some space to lay out some blankets, pillows, cushions and more. Add a few seating options for those who don't want to sit on the floor.

Tip 2: Plan out the menu

A great advantage of being close to the kitchen is that your menu can be more diverse than what's possible at an outdoor picnic. However, to keep the picnic spirit alive, don't overdo the cooking and go for simple food with a twist. Add gourmet toppings to a popular snack, make your mocktails fresh - the choices are endless.

Tip 3: Perfect the ambience

It might not be possible for you to go out and get plants. So, take whatever plants you have in your home and place them more prominently. In addition to that, use any floral scents and candles you have to recreate the scent of nature. Some white-noise apps also allow you to generate the sound of crickets and a campfire for a near-complete experience.

Tip 4: Keep it simple

Among everything, it is important for you to have fun as well. Use recyclable disposable plates and cutlery, keep your veggies pre-cut and your decor done. Choose simple dishes that are also easy to clean up afterwards.

Tip 5: Get creative

Pick a theme and activities for the night. Are you going to play board & card games? Sing songs? Tell each other ghost stories? It could also be an indoor potluck with each member of the household responsible for their own dish. Keep prizes for winning the games as well - winner gets a free pass on chores for three days. Sounds exciting? Let us know how it went. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock