The iPhone has always been known for its great photography capabilities. The iPhone 11 series is no different as it adds on to that reputation by bringing some great features and amazing picture quality to you. However, just clicking pictures in the default configuration won’t help you explore the full potential of the camera. Here are some tips on how to use your iPhone camera to get amazing clicks.

Use the camera shortcut

The perfect shot won’t wait for you to unlock your phone, find the camera icon, tap it and then wait for it to launch. Use the lock-screen camera shortcut to launch the app instantly or even do it from the control centre.

Use the volume buttons as the shutter

Apart from the inherent satisfaction of pressing a button to click a picture, using the volume buttons as the camera shutter also leaves more fingers free to keep the phone steady. Use it to avoid having to bend your fingers to the touch button.

Master the focus with AE/AF lock

This feature lets you lock the focus and exposure when taking a photo and it can be crucial in getting the exact photo you want. Without this enabled, the iPhone will tend to use its own algorithms to optimise for the best lighting and focus settings.

Follow the rule of thirds

Use the grid function on the iPhone to follow the rule of thirds in your composition. This rule states that a picture is more interesting if an important subject(s) is placed on one of these lines or their intersection. Try it out for unique results.

Use HDR Auto

To take optimal images despite having bright sources of light in them, keep the HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode enabled. This works by clicking multiple images in quick succession in various exposure settings to build a well-lit composite image.

Image Courtesy: Shutterstock