It's harder to avoid stress nowadays, with our hectic lifestyles, demanding work hours and complicated relationships. At times like these, you certainly want to be able to come back to a home that lets you forget all about your worries. A stress-free home can really uplift your mood, and help you combat the unfavourable situations outside more easily. Devika Chitnis, a tech expert who's currently consulting with NDTV, spoke to us about the ways in which she keeps her home stress-free and how technology can play a significant role by helping you relax. "Working from home can be a nightmare. You need a proper study and cordon off everybody and yet, nobody listens to that demand."
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While some of us love the idea of working from home, there's also a majority of people out there who are finding this transition period quite a challenge. To help you get started, here are a few tips from Devika Chitnis on ways you can use your tech wisely and make it a worthwhile experience.

Calming Apps Are The Way To Go

In 2020, one of the most popular aids is an app called 'Calm'. It's for your meditation, relaxation and sleep," explains Chitnis. The app uses meditation and soothing sounds to help users sleep better, as well as reduce their stress and anxiety. Alternatively, you can also opt for yoga fitness apps to get those endorphins going and and promote a relaxed mindset.
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Don't Bring Tech Devices Into The Bedroom

You may love your tech, but it's imperative that you take a break from it from time to time. Reports suggest that overusing your phones, tablets and laptops can cause insomnia and increase stress levels. This may affect your body clock, energy levels and your overall well-being. "[To make my home stress-free], I don't bring my devices into the bedroom except for the Philips Hue", says Chitnis.

Use Mood Lighting Around The House

Mood lighting helps you achieve the perfect atmosphere within a room and evokes a wide range of emotions. It also helps you transform the ambience and vibe of a room in an instant. "Use your tech for mood lighting around the house with Philips Hue," suggest Chitnis, referring to Philips' wireless lighting system, which helps you control the lights in your home with just one touch.
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Do A Digital Detox

"Most of us rely on technology for social connections and stimulation. We don't know even when to stop the endless scroll, and do a digital detox," says Chitnis. She suggests using an app like StayFree to track the time you've spent on your smartphone. "It's quite baffling when you see time wasted on faux intellectual stimulation."

Stay Productive

If you're not spending all your free time on social media, don't waste it by watching endless shows either. Instead, you can probably read a book, paint, organise your wardrobe or listen to a podcast. "[A few podcasts that I recommend are], Pivot with Scott Galloway and Kara Swisher, Advertising is Dead by IVM, Orbital by Gadgets 360 and Nerdette," concludes Chitnis. Image courtesy: Shutterstock