Summer is soon going to embrace us and while we have our wardrobes in check, it's time to get our homes ready to beat the rising temperatures as well. With a few easy hacks like replacing your heavy carpets with vibrant rugs and investing in light organic bed linen, your safe haven can instantly get a new look.
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To help you get started, we've spoken to Rittika Chokhany, founder of Ariyona Interior, a boutique interior design firm in Mumbai. She also writes a decor blog called ‘One Brick At A Time’ She has shared her expertise on keeping our homes cool during the warm weather with easy tips and tricks. Here's what she has to say:

What are the easy ways to get your home ready to beat the heat this season?

Whites are the best way to fight summer heat. Swap out your thick, heavy bed spreads for white cotton ones. Not all of us like it all white, though. You can use gentle patterns in soft pastels to add a hint of colour while sticking to the summer vibes.   Use natural materials like cotton, linen, wood, wicker, cork and jute. These are great for summer as they breathe easy and are cooling to the eye. Also, light, sheer curtains helps to filter out the heat and light of the summer sun during the day. And there is nothing quite like fresh greens to help turn down the temperature.  

How challenging is getting a smaller space summer ready?

Tiny rooms in small apartments are a way of life in large metros. However, that doesn’t stop us from making our homes beautiful. With the tips mentioned earlier, you will be able to get any small space summer ready. Also, always remember to keep your small space clutter free. A visually light space will always feel cooler and calmer.  

What are your top three hacks to transform a living room for the season?

Swap your dark rugs, cushions and accessories for lighter colours and patterns. Put in a little pop of colour to add some summer fun. Also remember to add some greens to your room.    

What are the ways of getting your kitchen summer-ready?

While it isn’t possible to swap out your tiles and cabinets to lighter colours for the summer, you could make any kind of kitchen summer bright, if not summer light! Use artwork, and colours and patterns on your serve ware and crockery to set the mood. A bouquet of fresh flowers or a bowl of bright fruit is a great way to add some colour.  

What is the significance of decor? How can it refresh one's home according to the season?

One building, 200 flats. Each house is identical to the next. Yet, as they become homes, every one of those gets its own character, look and charm, and a story to tell about the people who live there. That is what décor means to me, a way of making a space your own. If you do like to change your décor by season, mood or occasion, my best suggestion would be this - keep the ‘big’ items neutral so that you can play with the smaller décor items to change the look. For instance, my bedroom has white curtains, wallpaper and headboard. This allows me to very easily swap between white and bright for the summer and dark, rich and warm for the winter.   Images Courtesy: