It's that time when we're all thinking about our fitness goals for the year ahead. The possibility of becoming the best version of yourself, physically and mentally. We're here to help you keep the motivation going beyond the first month.

Deevan Reddy, a Mumbai based Pilot, Powerlifter and Certified Sports Nutritionist, gives you a few tips on how to make your fitness resolutions successful and worth it, even when you don't feel like hitting the gym. From avoiding unsustainable goals to tweaking your old routine, here's what he has to say.

Micro Goals Will Help You Get To The Big Goal

If you've never really worked out before, starting off with an easy brisk walk & plan for small, short-term goals. Moving directly to intense weight training or HIIT might cause injury and will indirectly hamper your progress. 

It's Time To Start Learning

Understanding what kinds of food promote positive health in you will lead you to not giving up on your diet so easily. Learning new recipes will help you realise what goes into every meal. Your knowledge about a healthy diet combined with a good fitness routine should increase with every passing week.

Ask For Help 

Start off by getting a trainer for a few months and pay attention to every detail in an exercise. Never refrain from asking questions, especially if you have any medical conditions.

Choose A Fun Workout 

If you're someone who prefers outdoor workouts, find a trainer to suggest a suitable workout that includes cardio and bodyweight exercises. Including a variation in your workouts can keep things interesting.

Do What Works Best For You 

If that means watching fitness documentaries to gain knowledge, getting a gym partner, opting for a fun workout, experimenting with low carb cooking or simply creating a fitness routine all by yourself, it is all about listening to your body and reaching your goals slowly but surely.

Pair Up With An Enthusiastic Workout Buddy   

A friend who can accompany you on this journey and basically be your workout and nutrition partner can really help you ace your fitness goals, while they get healthier too. It's a win-win!

Positivity Is All You Need

A positive and fun outlook on this journey will help you want to continue to pursue it willingly. It's also about setting your priorities in place. It may seem difficult to avoid a Friday night out but with consistency and focus, you can overcome anything!  

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