Hyderabad is a buzzing city, known for its great food. But as this city of nawabs and biryani, also becomes a tech hub, those who’re working in the city and living solo, things can find it hard to find that work life balance. The first thing that takes a hit are your eating habits. Not to worry; we got you. Here are Hyderabad’s best tiffin delivery services that will have you waiting expectantly for your office lunch break.  

For Those Whose Jeans Are Getting a Little Tight

Diet On Click is a carefully-researched tiffin delivery service which offers a variety of different meal plans, all of which cater to every type of weight loss need. The Diet on Click offers three kinds of meal plans – gym-focused meal plan, weight loss meal plan, or balanced meal plan; and is split up between fruits, grains, vegetables, protein and dairy in order to ensure that you receive a balanced and healthy tiffin. The food is entirely vegetarian, but don’t let that stop you as the flavour and variety can’t be beat at this price.  

For Those Who’re Health-Conscious:

The Green Box is a gourmet tiffin delivery service and specialises in calorie-counted meals. They’re the result of a long period of experimentation and consultation with experienced dieticians. More importantly, the service offers a tailor-made tiffin for customers with bloody sugar and blood pressure problems, once they’ve consulted with the doctor of those customers. It’s rare to see a tiffin service that would go to these lengths to ensure the best service for their customers, but Green Box is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you stay healthy, fed and happy.  

For Those Who Miss Home

Tin Men is an award-winning tiffin delivery start-up with a difference – all the chefs are actually home chefs. The service is a technology-dependant descendant of the famous Mumbai dabbawalla system, but that’s doing it a disservice since it also comes with several nifty add-ons such as the weekly meal planner, which makes it such that you can order the food you want for the entire week at one go and then just collect the meals as they come in daily, and a virtual wallet allows you to plan your spending ahead of time. With all this technology, they still haven’t lost their primary appeal of being the closest thing to a home-cooked tiffin that a busy professional is likely to get when they’re living away from home.  

For Those Who Like To Play With Their Food

Swiggy is your saviour, as it is in seven other cities across India. The food-tech startup offers the good people in Hyderabad a chance to savour a wide variety of dishes as you can mix-and-match different kinds of cuisine and have it all delivered to your office in one go.


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