Most of our actions in the present are driven towards building a better future for ourselves and our loved ones. Be it financially, socially, or professionally, all of us are looking to make life better for our future selves. However, amid all of those serious enterprises, there are some things you can do to reassure your future self in troubled times, or just put a smile on your face. We've picked out certain things for you to do right now, that your future self will feel great about someday.

Build a time capsule

Leaving physical, tangible objects for your future self to reflect upon can be quite interesting. Some of the oldest time capsules that exist go as far back as a couple of centuries. However, you can make one for five years from now. Who knows, you might find yourself thinking about this article when you open it in 2025.

Send an email to your future self

Certain websites and services allow you to send an email to yourself in the future. Just write down your letter and input the date and time you want it sent to yourself. While it might seem strange to write a letter to yourself, it's a unique experience to read it weeks, months or even years down the line.

Start a fund for your next shopping spree

The importance of savings is spoken about a lot. However, you could do something slightly different by aiming for a future shopping spree that you're unable to complete right now for any reason. Think of a particular date in the future, a target amount and start a recurring deposit or a saving of your choice. And when the day arrives, spend all of it on yourself without any guilt whatsoever.

Book your next vacation

While this is something you always do for a future date, what we're suggesting is slightly different. Book your tickets and hotels for the furthest possible date that you can, giving yourself a vacation for a time in the future that you currently know nothing about. Although, do set reminders for yourself close to the dates to be able to plan your travel properly.

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